‘Quiet leadership’ earns Pauken Distinguished Service Award

Dr. Patrick Pauken
Dr. Patrick Pauken

In only eight years at BGSU, Dr. Patrick Pauken, chair of the educational administration and leadership studies department, has created a record of service to his college, the University and his students that has earned him campuswide respect and gratitude. In recognition of his contributions, Faculty Senate presented him the Distinguished Service Award.

Given at the annual Faculty Recognition Dinner Nov. 8, the award highlights the importance of the service of a dedicated faculty to the development and enhancement of the University. It includes an engraved plaque and $1,000.

In his letter of nomination, Dr. Michael Zickar, psychology, called Pauken a “role model for all faculty members in his willingness to take on additional service responsibilities while maintaining a high level of productivity in teaching and research.” Through his quiet leadership, he added, Pauken has excelled at completing many important tasks often avoided by others.

Faculty Governance
Pauken has been a member of Faculty Senate for six years and has been parliamentarian since 2001. The parliamentarian’s role is vital to the success of the chair in keeping meetings orderly and interpreting the finer points of the Academic Charter and Robert’s Rules of Order. While the successful performance of parliamentarians likely goes unnoticed by most, Zickar observed, unsuccessful performance would be readily apparent to all. “Patrick has done a superb job helping chair after chair navigate through the complex rules of the University in a way that does not step on any fellow faculty egos.”

In addition, Pauken has served on a number of Faculty Senate committees, chairing the Amendments and Bylaws and Professional Affairs committees and the Ad Hoc Committee on the Code of Ethics and Conduct. With both a law degree and a Ph.D. in educational administration, he brings a high level of expertise to these endeavors.

Pauken has also served on many other important University committees, such as the Provost’s Task Force on Academic Freedom and the Academic Freedom Committee, the University Planning Council, the University Graduate Council and the Planning Committee for Accreditation Review. “In one way or another through his committee service, Patrick has influenced nearly every aspect of this complex University,” Zickar wrote.

Contributions to the learning environment
In the College of Education and Human Development, Pauken has helped create a positive learning environment. As a member of the Curriculum Committee and the Teaching and Research Working Team, he has helped deal with pedagogical matters. “Most importantly, he has served in leadership positions when called upon by his colleagues,” Zickar wrote. He has been chair and graduate coordinator of the Division of Educational Administration and Leadership Studies since 2005.

Graduate students often praise Pauken for his mentorship and, in the case of Nassim Abdi, who came from Tehran, Iran, for helping her get to the United States and to Bowling Green through his help with all the necessary paperwork.

Building Relationships
Pauken has worked diligently in a variety of capacities to help faculty and University members connect better with one another, and has participated in panels on campus on such topics as the Patriot Act and University professionalism.

In addition, he has made efforts at improving University relations with external constituencies. He has been on several trips to Columbus as part of Faculty Senate efforts to speak with legislators about the importance of higher education and BGSU’s role in the state economy.

November 13, 2006