November 13, 2007

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Pavel Anzenbacher (right) explains some of the Center for Photochemical Sciences’ research to Chancellor Eric Fingerhut.

Pavel Anzenbacher (right) explains some of the Center for Photochemical Sciences' research to Chancellor Eric Fingerhut.

Chancellor Fingerhut calls for 'shared vision,' stewarding of resources

The University System of Ohio was created not to cut programs at state institutions but to steward resources, promote a common vision and strengthen colleges’ and universities’ areas of excellence, Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor Eric Fingerhut said Nov. 7.

The chancellor, the first ever to hold an Ohio Cabinet position, was on campus last Wednesday and Thursday as part of a tour of state colleges and universities. “The goal of the ‘Campus Conversations’ visits is to spend an extended enough period of time to really get a feel for the campus,” he said. He met with student groups, faculty, the provost, president and the board of trustees, and attended a musical performance. He also visited some of the programs BGSU has identified as its “centers of excellence,” a key concept of the new university system.

At a meeting with elected leaders of campus governance groups, chairs of college advising councils, deans and others, Fingerhut discussed what the system will mean for the state and took questions from attendees.


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Friday (Nov. 16) is the deadline to return forms to the Human Resources office for any changes or updates to your health care and life insurance benefits.