BGSU to feel second wave of minimum wage hike

The second phase of an increase in Ohio’s minimum wage, approved by voters in November 2006, will impact BGSU when it takes effect Jan. 1.

The increase, from the current state minimum of $6.85 to $7 per hour, will affect about 375 current student employees who are paid by the hour and whose hourly base rate is less than $7, according to Michelle Simmons, acting director of the Career Center. Students will see the increase in their Jan. 25 paychecks, which cover the period from Dec. 30-Jan. 12.

Over the 15-week spring semester, the increase in wages is projected to add up to about $48,430. However, Simmons pointed out, “It’s difficult to predict costs because the number of student employees and their work schedules fluctuate weekly.” The $48,430 figure is a “snapshot” of student employee costs at this moment, she said, and will likely change as administrators review and adjust departmental wage structures.

For students already making at least $7 per hour in base pay, the decision whether to increase that figure will be up to individual departments, units and colleges.

BGSU felt the first impact of changes to Ohio’s minimum wage law last January, when the first phase of the increase boosted the minimum wage of $5.15 to $6.85 an hour.

November 13, 2007