Alpha Sigma Phi donation
Celebrating the Alpha Sigma Phi donation were (left to right) Rocco Sciarabba, past president of the fraternity; Dr. Edward Whipple, vice president for student affairs; Douglas Smith, vice president for University advancement, and Aaron Shumaker, another past Alpha Sigma Phi president.

Fraternity members, alumni give back to BGSU

Current members of the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity have united with chapter alumni to make a significant contribution to future students’ educational experience at BGSU. The chapter has reached the $90,490 mark in its $300,000 “To Better the Man” fund-raising campaign.

On Nov. 28, the Gamma Zeta chapter presented two checks to the University. The first, for $16,335, was raised by undergraduates in the chapter and represents pledges over the next five years. The second, for $74,155, came from alumni pledges.

Attending the ceremony were chapter alumni from as far back as 1950—in the person of Bill Cameron, a founding member—and Joe Zimmerman, a 1979 graduate who helped make the alumni check presentation. Former chapter presidents were also in attendance, including Gordy Heminger, now coordinator for Greek Life in the Office of Student Affairs, and Rocco Sciarabba, last year’s leader, who presented the undergraduate check along with past president Aaron Shumaker.

The effort is “a positive example of how alumni and undergraduates can work together for the common good,” Douglas Smith, vice president for University advancement and president of the BGSU Foundation Inc., told those gathered for the occasion. “Giving back makes a statement about what you feel is important and sends a message to fellow students about what is important.”

Ed Leedom speaks about the leadership programming the donation will provide.
“It was very beneficial to see undergraduates contribute so much,” commented Ed Leedom, a 1989 BGSU graduate and president of the Alumni Council, after the ceremony. “It was a phenomenal effort on their part.”

Most of the $300,000 to be raised will go toward scholarships, with $48,000 dedicated to campus leadership programming open to any BGSU student. Resources will be given to Student Affairs annually in the form of matching funds.

“The national fraternity has emphasized leadership for the last 10 years, and we wanted to be able to share that locally,” Leedom said.

“I’m so pleased by that, and proud as punch,” echoed Cameron.

The idea for the fund-raising campaign came about when the fraternity celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of the BGSU chapter in 1950, Leedom explained. “I’m proud to be part of an innovative initiative here on campus,” he added.

Also at the event, Zimmerman was presented the prestigious Delta Beta Xi award, on behalf of the national fraternity, in recognition of his outstanding service to Alpha Sigma Phi.

December 5, 2005