BG Mayor Quinn quizzes ASC representatives

What ghost is said to occupy the University Bookstore? And under what tree is the time capsule prepared by the class of 1940 buried?

These were but two of the BGSU trivia questions Bowling Green Mayor John Quinn posed to Administrative Staff Council representatives at a Dec. 1 appreciation luncheon, during which the council members competed to show off their University knowledge.

Before beginning the game, the mayor told the representatives he is “extremely pleased with the way things are going” between the city and the University.

“In the last few years, we have tried to build a better relationship and to bring students in,” he said. “The BGeXperience has been especially successful. We’ve had community people come and talk to the freshmen, and it seems to be working. We’ve been looking for something like that for a long time.”

With that, the mayor, a BGSU alumnus, stepped into the role of quizmaster, asking questions based on information found on University Web sites.

Some of the questions revealed the ways in which times have changed on campus, such as “What was the first name of Frieda Falcon?” The now-politically incorrect answer: Mrs. Freddie Falcon.

In the end, Paul Pawlaczyk, University advancement, tied with Michael Ginsburg, student life, with 14 points each. Ginsburg broke the tie by correctly answering “Prout Hall” to the question “The bookstore occupies the site of what former campus building?”

By the way, the answers to the first two questions are “Alice Prout” and “No one knows.”

December 5, 2005