BGSU reaches $120 million goal, campaign continues through '08

The University has reached the $120 million goal for its major fund-raising campaign nearly 13 months ahead of schedule.

This is a significant milestone in the University's fund-raising history, said President Sidney Ribeau. “With this being the first major campaign in the nearly 100 years since the University was founded, the support of alumni and friends has been overwhelming. They have spoken their belief in the institution and the priority initiatives that are part of this campaign,” he added.

Ribeau also praised the campus community for its support. Faculty and staff have contributed more than $10.8 million to the campaign since its inception. 

The $120 million goal was set in 2002 at the start of the “quiet campaign” for Building Dreams: The Centennial Campaign for Bowling Green State University. “It was an unlikely time to start a major fund-raising campaign,” said Marcia Sloan Latta, senior associate vice president for University advancement and campaign director. “In the U.S., we were still feeling the effects of 9-11, the stock market was down and we were just going to war in Iraq,” she continued. “Some people suggested we wait a year or two, or lower the goal.”

The University did neither. It forged ahead with the campaign, and by the time the public announcement was made in 2004, the campaign, with $75 million raised, was well on its way to reaching the lofty goal of $120 million by the December 2008 target date.

BGSU alumni have played a key role in advancing the University for this campaign and in the past, said J. Douglas Smith, vice president for University advancement. “Historically, our graduates have believed in the quality of education they received here and have always been positive about helping in any way they can.”
According to Kermit Stroh, co-chair of the Building Dreams Campaign, “Fund-raising for many of the campaign priorities has been successful; however, we are hoping to reach the established goals for all the campaign initiatives by the end of the campaign in December 2008.”

Donations still are being sought for: Strengthening Faculty and Staff Support, an additional $4 million; the Values Initiative, an additional $3.5 million, and the Wolfe Center for the Arts, an additional $500,000. While the $35 million goal for scholarships has been met, scholarships continue to be a high priority to help students cover rising educational costs. 

Private funds will be raised for BGSU Ice Arena renovations and construction of a new convocation center—two of the projects that have recently been announced as part of the University's new $150 million capital projects plan. BGSU expects to raise $4 million of the $8 million for improvements to the Ice Arena and $14 million of the $36 million cost of the convocation center. Additional funds will be provided for these two projects through state funds and bonded debt. 

December 10, 2007