Campus-community projects to receive funding

BOWLING GREEN, O.—Bowling Green State University's Partnerships for Community Action (PCA) and the Center for Innovative and Transformative Education announced the winners of nearly $52,000 in grants on Friday (Feb. 15).

The purpose behind the grants is to create mutually beneficial partnerships between University and community members. The 13 projects funded this year are:

Access BG, co-directed by Kate Collins, instructor for the Chapman Learning Community at BGSU; Richard Hoffman, instructor for Partners in Context and Community at BGSU; Jan Kilbride of Toledo Public Schools, and Pat Lewinski of Libbey Humanities Academy, awarded a   $5,000 grant.

Adelante-BGSU Latino Community Media Project, co-directed by Dr. Ruben Viramontez Anguiano, an associate professor of family and consumer sciences at BGSU, and Sonia Troche of Adelante, awarded a $5,000 grant.

Arts Enterprise for New Orleans, co-directed by Dr. Nathaniel Zeisler, an assistant professor of music performance studies at BGSU; Claudia Barker of New Orleans Outreach, and Christopher Genteel and Pamela Jenkins of the University of Michigan, awarded a $5,000 grant.

Community Action for Promoting Conservation Awareness in Elementary Education, co-directed by Dr. M. Gabriela Bidart-Bouzat, an associate professor of biological sciences at BGSU; Barbara Guthrie of Birmingham Elementary School (Toledo), and Mitchell Magdich and Dr. Peter Tolson of the Toledo Zoo, awarded a $4,000 grant.

Encouraging Young Adult Leadership, co-directed by Dr. Andrew Kurtz of BGSU Firelands and Pamela J. Colbert-Brumbaugh of United Way of Erie County, awarded a $2,000 grant.

Expect Respect Council: “There is No Excuse for Abuse,” co-directed by Dr. Emily M. Hinnov of BGSU Firelands and Michele McCormick of the Safe Harbor Domestic Violence Shelter, awarded a $4,820 grant.

Interfaith Dialogue as a Vehicle for Understanding and Peace, co-directed by Dr. Thomas Klein, a BGSU professor emeritus of English; Dr. Robert Midden, director of the Chapman Learning Community at BGSU; Srini Srinivasan of the MultiFaith Council and Joe Zielinski of the MultiFaith Council and Owens Community College, awarded a $4,520 grant.

Journalism PACT—Partners in Active Citizenship Today, co-directed by BGSU journalism faculty Drs. Catherine Cassara-Jemai and Dr. Smeeta Mishra, both associate professors, and Kelly Taylor, an instructor; and Joseph P. Boyle Jr., Tony Brashear, Barbara Johnson and Jeffery Hiestand, all of Rogers High School (Toledo), awarded a $5,000 grant.

Latino Relationships: Sexuality, Health and Quality of Life, co-directed by BGSU interpersonal communication faculty Drs. Sandra Faulkner, an assistant professor, and Radhika Gajjala, an associate professor, and Sonia Troche of Adelante, awarded a $2,000 grant.

Sculpture in the Garden, co-directed by Greg Mueller, a BGSU instructor of art, and Michelle T. Grigore, director of the city of Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department, awarded a $2,000 grant.

Singing to the Tune of Early Literacy, co-directed by Dr. Nancy Sugden, a BGSU assistant professor of music education; Kathleen Newman of the BGSU Office of Service-Learning; Kathy East of the Wood County District Public Library; Jessica Fausnaugh of the Wood County Corps/Library; Diane Roberts of WSOS Head Start, and Anita Serda of the Perrysburg Heights Community Association, awarded a $4,625 grant.

Wood County Gift Exchange, co-directed by Judy Kiser, an assistant professor of social work at BGSU; Dr. Laura Landry-Meyer, a BGSU associate professor of family and consumer sciences, and Susan McKinney of the Wood County Gift Exchange, awarded a $3,000 grant.

Youth Leadership Advocates: Building Adult Capacity to Support Engaged Youth, co-directed by Dr. Jane Rosser, director of service-learning at BGSU, and Kathy S. Schnapp and Cathy Sperling, both of The Community Partnership, awarded a $5,000 grant.

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(Posted February 14, 2008 )