State group names David Meel distinguished teacher of mathematics

BOWLING GREEN, O.—Dr. David Meel’s longtime commitment to helping students master and teach mathematics, along with his contributions to the profession, were recognized last month by the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America. The organization presented him the Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics.

An associate professor of mathematics and statistics, Meel has been teaching at Bowling Green State University since 1996 and has twice received the Kappa Mu Epsilon (mathematics honorary) Excellence in Teaching Mathematics Award at the University.

He is active in creating and employing teaching innovations such as interactive applets for linear algebra and calculus. He has used quilt pattern construction in teaching prospective teachers, as part of mathematics in art, and has published on the topic. He has also written on the use of story telling and writing in teaching math.

Meel is dedicated to preparing graduate students to teach math, and has developed and taught numerous courses, including online courses for in-service teachers.

When he heard of Meel’s nomination for the award, a former student sent an unsolicited e-mail, writing, “He was an amazing professor. He helped me in more than just understanding the history of math, or how to approach teaching students. He also helped me to find my passion for teaching math. During his class I began to question my potential as a math teacher and if I would ever learn all that I needed to know. Dr. Meel sat me down in his office and helped to realize that I am not supposed to be perfect at everything as a new teacher; much like my students, I will learn too. BGSU is very lucky to have him as a part of the math and education program because he has impacted countless students' learning.”


(Posted April 13, 2011 )