In Memoriam


Separate donation accounts have been set up for the families of the two BGSU students who survived the head-on collision early Friday morning (March 2). Both students remain hospitalized. Donations will help their families with expenses.

Huntington National Bank will accept donations on behalf of the families of Kayla Somoles and Angelica J. Mormile, to the attention of the following accounts.

Kayla Somoles - Huntington National Bank Account No. 01662355833

Angelica J. Mormile - Huntington National Bank Account No. 01662355820

Donations will also be accepted at:  Gear Company of America, Inc., 14300 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, OH 44111 – Attention: Donation Accounts.

Kayla's mother, Arleen Pasko, is an employee of Gear Co.

A donation account has also been set up for the family of Rebekah Blakkolb to help with expenses. Blakkolb was killed in the accident March 2.

Donations can be sent to Fellowship Bible Church, 16391 Chillicothe Road, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023 – Attention: Blakkolb Fund

Checks can be made out to Fellowship Bible Church with Blakkolb family on the memo line.