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Just when you think you know someone . . .
Classical Studies faculty has secret life as fantasy author

Meet Dr. James Pfundstein, mild-mannered lecturer in Romance and Classical Studies — or maybe you know his alter ego James Enge, writer of the World Fantasy Award-nominated Blood of Ambrose.

Pfundstein’s colleagues and students were startled this year to learn that Pfundstein and Enge are one and the same. It turns out that, for many years, in his free time Pfundstein has quietly been turning out a series of books under the nom de plume following the adventures of, in his words, the “genius-level wizard Ambrosius Morlock.” Unlike the relatively calm world of academia, Morlock’s world has swords and sorcery, necromancers, and even a city of werewolves during an election year. “That's a story any American can relate to, I think, especially this year,” quipped Pfundstein.

Now that his true identity has been revealed (through Facebook, and by his own children), Marketing and Communications interviewed Pfundstein to learn more about the literary realm he created and his career as a science fiction and fantasy author.