Summer Reading List 2012 | Week 6

What would summer be without a good reading list? Throughout the summer BGSU faculty, staff and students will share their picks for best summer reading. We hope you find time to read some of the selections and share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page!


Also consider the 2012 BGSU Common Read, A Pearl in the Storm: How I Found My Heart in the Middle of the Ocean by Tori Murden McClure.

Alex Solis

Sports Management major and general business minor 
Undergraduate Student Body President 

The Last Lecture is my favorite book for a couple of unique reasons in my mind. I read the story at a time in my life when I knew change was happening. I was starting to look at where to go to college the summer going into my senior year of high school. I was getting ready to enjoy my last year in a school that gave me so much, but at the same time wondering how to leave my mark and start giving back.

The Last Lecture was inspirational, no doubt about it. It was the first book that really hit home for me. It allowed me to take away life lessons that sometimes seemed simple or not as pressing and really run with them. It inspired me to take what I had learned and apply it to everyday life. At the same time I often found myself watching the actual lecture online and changed the way I looked at life's obstacles internally and externally.

Reflecting now, the book’s message had a direct impact on my leadership abilities and changed my outlook on a variety of things! As student body president, I have to relate to and work with others every day in order to make our University even better. Part of the job is to inspire, enable and motivate others, but it doesn't end there – the cool part is inspiring and motivating each other.

On an overall note, I believe that The Last Lecture, The Prophet, and This I Believe really shaped me into the person and student leader I am today. What I have learned from each story, whether a quote, lesson or viewpoint, helps me day-in and day-out because what I learned has shaped me as a son, friend, brother, student body president and any leadership title I hold. After reading these stories, I always find myself going back to recap the lessons and how they relate to me. No matter how many times I read each book, though the words don't change, I keep learning – and that’s why they continue to shape and inspire me.

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