Summer Reading List 2012 | Week 10

What would summer be without a good reading list? Throughout the summer BGSU faculty, staff and students will share their picks for best summer reading. We hope you find time to read some of the selections and share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page!


Mary Ellen Mazey, Ph.D.

From the time I was young, reading has been an important part of my life. Books provided me with the opportunity to experience other cultures, to learn about the world, and to guide me in my life’s path.

Today, I find that reading is just as important as it was when I was younger. I try to vary my choices and always take suggestions from others. Now, my selections range from historical novels and fiction to books on leadership and global trends.

Here’s just a few of my recent selections.

  • A Pearl in the Storm by Toni Murden McClure
    I was so inspired by Toni McClure’s enthusiasm, determination and courage. Her amazing story is the University’s “Common Read” for 2012. I look forward to having her on campus in September and encourage all of the BGSU community to experience her story of high adventure and to attend her lecture.
  • Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder
    I think Kidder is a master story teller. In this book, he shares the story of a Harvard professor and physician who believes that his mission is to cure the world of infectious diseases. The book is a wonderful example of how one person can truly change the world.
  • Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
    I thought Hosseini’s first book, The Kite Runner, was outstanding and couldn't wait to read his second book. This one is much more intense and insightful. He is able to provide the compelling story of a world many, including me, will never experience.
  • The Great Brain Race: How Global Universities are Reshaping the World by Ben Wildavsky
    Each year, millions of international students leave their home countries to pursue higher education at U.S. universities including BGSU. This trend, which is expected to continue and increase in the coming years, is changing the face of higher education. Books such as this one should encourage college administrators to think strategically about the future of their institutions. A must read for all faculty members and administrators!
  • That Used to be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World We Invented—and How We Can Come Back by Thomas Friedman.
    Thomas Friedman, a well known columnist, offers thoughts on the four major challenges that America faces and outlines what can done to rebuild the American dream and to maintain the country’s position in the world. 


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