My Summer Experience: Lizzy Bolze

Interned at The Museum of Modern Art

My Summer Experience
Lizzy Bolze
Recent Graduate, Spring 2012 - BGSU
Major: Art History, Minor: Arts Management
Summer internship at The Museum of Modern Art, New York

This summer I was the intern for the International Program at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. I recently graduated from BGSU with a degree in Art History and Minor in Arts Management and felt I had a fulfilling experience during undergrad. I studied abroad in Florence, traveling to art museums in Italy, London, France, and Greece, and did internships at the Museo Marino Marini in Florence, Italy and the Arts Commission in Toledo. But I realized I wanted to learn more about the operations of a museum and more specifically the cultural relations and functionalities between modern art museums. MoMA has always been my favorite museum to visit, so when I found out I got the internship there was no questioning about moving to New York for the summer.

During the internship I worked closely with the coordinator of the Museum's C-MAP Program, which is a global research initiative, made up of MoMA curators and archivists. I spent a large portion of my time organizing and attending lectures by visiting scholars from Japan and Brazil, planning a trip for curators to Brazil, and attending meetings pertaining to a web platform for the C-MAP Program.

Additionally, every Tuesday was intern day when the 47 interns met with museum professionals from varying departments. We met with exhibition designers as they were setting up a show, did walkthroughs of exhibitions with curators, went to the home of an art collector and one of MoMA's trustees, had a tour with the conservation department and even met the director to pick his brain about the museum and his career.

It's fair to say I had my share of geek-out moments and I couldn't have asked for a better internship experience. I learned about career opportunities in the arts and about processes of globalization within the museum structure, as well as how globalization can broaden, enhance and develop art historical research and redefine definitions of what it means to be modern art.

If you are interested in museum work, or modern and contemporary art I highly advise looking into it. Even after the fact, I am still a little shocked I had this once and a lifetime experience. My dream internship at MoMA. Check it out!