My Summer Experience: Travis Lohse

Interned at ProMedica Health System

My Summer Experience
Travis Lohse
Business Management
Interned at ProMedica Health System

I had a wonderful experience as a human resource intern this summer at ProMedica Health System in Toledo. I served under Colleen Werner, the director of Human Resource, Strategic Initiatives and my internship involved many diverse tasks. From attending HR meetings to logistical planning of employee engagement outings at three Mud Hens games, I have learned how to manage my time and effectively prioritize tasks.

One of the best parts of my internship was that I did not do the same mundane tasks every day. There was some new project, database, or program I got to work on which not only kept me on my toes but allowed me to work on multiple projects at once. I was given my own space to work which allowed me to concentrate and quickly finish my tasks.

While working at ProMedica, I was able to be a part of some great volunteer opportunities such as Habitat for Humanity, where the other interns and I got to spend afternoons together building houses in Toledo. We went together several times throughout the summer and spent these fun afternoons laughing as we all were sweating on top of roofs and accidently hitting our thumbs with hammers.

My experience with ProMedica has made me more confident and outgoing. I have learned many teamwork skills and employee appreciation techniques that will give me a competitive advantage in my field. Another benefit from my internship at ProMedica, apart from the hot coffee and delicious soup every day, was getting to network with all of my co-workers. From Wendy Papenfuss, the Director of Workforce Planning, and Arturo Polizzi, the Chief Human Resource Officer, to my fellow interns Brandon and Zenia, these are individuals whom I will keep in contact with and will have fond memories of working with for a long time.