My Summer Experience: Debbie Alderman

Interned for MTV in NYC

My Summer Experience
Debbie Alderman
Interned for MTV in NYC

Hi, my name is Debbie Alderman, and I am a senior Telecommunications student here at BGSU (I study TV/Video Production). I'm from Lima, and though I dreamed of moving to New York or Los Angeles, I did not think it would ever be more than just a dream. When MTV contacted me about a summer internship (Can you imagine? MTV called ME!), I knew my life was about to change. With complete support from my family, I packed two suitcases, a blanket, and my teddy bears and moved to New York with Brittany Moran, another BGSU TCOM major who just graduated. We found an apartment and both had jobs and internships within 10 days. We worked 6-7 days a week, but we quickly learned that living in New York requires hard work and clear goals.

To make a long story short, my experience in New York City was nothing less than absolutely amazing. As an intern at Viacom Media Networks, I worked with, and Basically, I was the person who posted the videos and photos you see online. It's a cool job because I worked with HTML, XML, Photoshop, and writing copy for shows, areas I didn't previously have much experience in.

Internships are a perfect time to learn as many new skills as possible and I did not want to pass up the opportunity to intern at Forbes' #4 Top Company for Interns. On top of that, it's never a dull day when you get to travel to Times Square.=!

My summer brought other great opportunities, like going sight-seeing, getting a free beauty and style "makeover" from Cosmopolitan (yes, the magazine), finding out I won a $3,000 scholarship from the Ohio Association of Broadcasters, and a chance to meet quite a few awesome people I can work with in the future. I also dressed as a superhero for an Italian magazine (that's another story for another day!).

I fell in love with the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center, but the three months I spent in New York was not nearly enough time to visit everything I wanted to see. I have every intention of returning after graduation. My "senioritis" is in full gear because I am so eager to graduate and move back to NYC. Perhaps NYU or Columbia will accept me into their graduate programs…

My internship at MTV truly helped me transition into adulthood. Living on my own, being held accountable, and working toward my own goals will definitely make me a better leader during my senior year. As president and executive producer of BG on TV, I have the skills to help other people become successful.

After tasting the Big Apple, I know BGSU can continue to send students there to do great things. I hope my internship will inspire other media students to reach beyond local work and see what New York, Los Angeles and Chicago have to offer. It's a big leap- and definitely very scary- but it is worth it.

I strongly encourage students to pursue an out-of-state internship if they have the means. I saved money during the school year and held a second job over the summer to make sure I could cover all the expenses. It is tough, but it is not impossible. Moving away from home is anxiety inducing, but spending last summer in Florida for an internship with the Home Shopping Network (HSN) helped me understand that though my heart is in Ohio, my dreams lie outside those borders. My HSN internship prepared me for my MTV internship, and I am so thankful for both.

I'm always happy to answer questions about my internship. Though I cannot guarantee a "connection" to get a job for someone, I can offer advice and recommendations based on personal experience. I wish a lot of luck to students who are pursuing internships. Take the leap and just do it! You'll be so thankful you did.