My Summer Experience: Molly Swartz

Interned at Wegmans Food Markets

My Summer Experience
Molly Swartz
Interned at Wegmans Food Markets

Wegmans Food Markets is a private company that originated in Rochester, N.Y. and has grown to include 81 stores along the east coast. I have worked for the company since I was fifteen, and in 2010 I became a store operations intern. The internship program is a very selective program for college students wanting to make Wegmans a career. It is three summers long and you work full-time in various departments learning how to become a manager.

When in training to be a manager, you learn the department operations - ordering, inventory, managing sales and shrink, scheduling and coaching employees. You also attend various seminars on staying safe on the job, effective communication and presentation skills. In the third year of the program, interns are expected to have a continuous improvement project. We choose something that could be improved within the company, roll it out and measure the results. We prepare to present our project to the CEO, president, and senior vice president of store operations. As interns, we also get the opportunity to tour our corporate distribution center, visit locally grown produce farms, and make a difference in our community by volunteering with different associations.

I spent my first two summers in Syracuse, N.Y., and this past summer I applied for the summer experience program, where I would have the opportunity to live and work in a new market. This summer I lived in Maryland and worked in the top selling seafood department in the company, all for free! Last summer I went to Frederick, Md., to open a new store, and this past summer I opened our 81st store in Columbia, Md.

Wegmans is one of the top Fortune 500 companies to work for, and the number of opportunities they have given me is incredible. I will interview in a few weeks for my full-time position, and in October, I will be offered a management trainee position in one of our new markets. Before transitioning to department manager, I will be a management trainee from 3-9 months.

My future aspirations include becoming a store manager and opening our first store in Connecticut. Wegmans prides itself on putting its employees first, and they have given me so many opportunities to learn and grow within the company. I cannot wait to make Wegmans my career and see where it takes me.