My Summer Experience: Nick Grzebienik

Interned with Pacific Logistics

Nick Grzebienik
Finance Major 
Studied Abroad/Internship with Pacific Logistics

 During my junior year at BGSU I was fortunate enough to participate in a study abroad trip for three months to Hong Kong Baptist University. I not only studied at a foreign university, but also learned about Chinese culture and people while immersed in the environment. It was an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity, and one of those experiences that I will never forget.

While abroad I had plenty of time to travel around Asia. Over the weekends and on holidays I was able to visit Macau, Beijing, Taipei and Shenzhen. Along with amazing travels and experiential learning, I met many interesting and unique people. Many of them were foreign exchange students like myself, but I did make lots of local friends too. Their mix of cultures and ways of life are something that I never could have experienced in the U.S. and have helped me as a young business-minded individual.

While overseas I was able to set up an internship with a U.S.-based company that loved the fact I had experience abroad. Pacific Logistics, the company I interned with, is a shipping company based out of Los Angeles. While working with them I spent time in L.A., Singapore and Taiwan. My duties were to create and prepare shipments and the accompanying documents, while gaining knowledge from their overseas partners and learning various tools of the trade. I learned a lot from this internship and was eager to get back overseas.

Overall I have loved the past eight months of my college career. The College of Business Administration has been very helpful in making the experience possible and guiding me through it. Having this experience has set me up for many more great overseas opportunities and I am grateful that I had the chance to do it. I recommend strongly to anyone considering a semester abroad to not miss out on the fantastic experience. I am excited about completing my senior year and hope to continue my global experience in my career in business.