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Meet scholarship recipient Kaila C. Johnson

Meet scholarship recipient Kaila C. Johnson

Hometown : Detroit, Michigan
Major : Broadcast journalism with a minor in ethnic studies
Scholarships : Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy; BG Success Scholarship; BGSU Founders Scholarship; Black Pioneers Scholarship; Florence and Jesse Currier Scholarship
Involvement : Vice President of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.; reporter for BG 24 News; writer for The Obsidian; past president and current member of the Bowling Green Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists; former resident advisor in Kreischer-Ashley

Kaila C. Johnson is driven to succeed. She will soon become the first in her family to graduate college, but isn't delaying her job search until she dons the cap and gown in May. Her resume already chock full of relevant experience though summer internships in broadcast in Portland, Oregon and her hometown, Detroit, so Kaila is now polishing her resume tape and professional website to earn a job in local television news. She plans to start applying in early spring.

The opportunity to pursue internships rather than work summer jobs is due to the generosity of the multiple donors who funded her scholarships. Tuition assistance through the Sidney A. Ribeau President's Leadership Academy, Florence and Jesse Currier Scholarship and her other scholarships enabled Kaila earn valuable professional experience through internships, as well as to spend her free time as a leader in student organizations. "I have gained a lot as a student at BGSU and I hope others have been able to gain something from me. I have one more year, and I just hope to leave learning more, building on great relationships, and graduating at the top of my class," she said.

Why BGSU? The PLA program lured Kaila to BGSU for her first visit, but it was during her subsequent visits that she became hooked. "I really did love Bowling Green when I first came here. Everyone was so nice, and I really did feel like I could make Bowling Green a second home."

How do you spend your time out of class? "Most of my time outside of class is spent studying for class and secondly staying active with my organizations. The little remaining time I have, I try spending time with friends, getting sleep, and finding that 'me time.' And all my organizations keep me busy."

Advice for first-year BGSU students? "Find the balance between enjoying all the perks that come with being a college student and working hard to excel academically. But most importantly, find your (most effective) study habits. Some people study better reading out loud. Others study better by making note cards. Personally, taking notes when reading, making note cards, and doing things repetitively all help me. If you (discover) your best study habits freshman year, excelling academically won't be such a struggle."