Life in Bowling Green

Things to do in Bowling Green

BGSU Arts and Athletics
From theatre, arts, athletic and alumni events, there is never a loss of things to do in Bowling Green!  Between the community and University, your social calendar can be as full as you wish!

BGSU Planetarium
The Bowling Green State University Planetarium is a 118–seat public science theater serving BGSU students, area schools, and the public of northwest Ohio. Set under a 40-foot dome, the Minolta star projector can show the sky as it would be seen from any place on the Earth at any time, including the Sun, Moon, planets, and more than 4000 stars. 

Black Swamp Arts Festival
The Black Swamp Arts Festival (BSAF) connects art and the community by presenting an annual arts festival and by promoting the arts in the Bowling Green community. 

Bowling Green City Pool
Cool off this summer at more than just your typical city pool with a slide and waterworks for kids! 

Cinemark Cinema
You won’t find less expensive movies anywhere in the area! The refreshments are affordable as well and the movies are new releases that half the cost of most venues.

The fifties original movie theater has been transformed into a venue designed to present a dynamic array of entertainment possibilities.  Movie house, live entertainment, wine bar, and banquet facility, the Cla Zel Theater offers something for people from all walks of life and bestows Main Street, Bowling Green, Ohio an invigorating leisure atmosphere. 

The National Tractor Pull
The National Tractor Pulling Championships was voted the 2009 Super National Pull of the Year.

Portage Quarry
Just a few miles from Bowling Green, this quarry offers some of the most popular swimming in the area. A great place to hang out with friends and take a swim.

Wood County Fair
One of everyone’s favorite weeks of the year, the Wood County Fair includes a big name concert, food that you won’t be able to wait a whole year for, rides, activities and entertainment that will create memories that last a lifetime. 

While Bowling Green is a small community, the entertainment is large. The city offers an array of nightlife for people of all ages.

Wind Turbines
Bowling Green is home to Ohio's first utility-sized wind farm. There are four turbines that are 257 feet tall. These turbines are as tall as a 30-story building and generate up to 7.2 megawatts of power — enough to supply electricity for some 3,000 residents. Located about six miles from the city, the turbines can be seen for miles and have become a local attraction 

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