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Thursday, May 10, 2012 BGSU
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Graphic design by Aubrey Cox

Graphic design students’ work projected in Havana

At sunset this Saturday (May 12), graphic designs by three BGSU students will be projected on the side of two large buildings on Plaza Vieja in Havana, Cuba. The presentation is part of the Havana Biennial, an international art exhibit.

Work by students Lindsay Holtz, Anthony Asher and Aubrey Cox was selected by a review panel for inclusion. Their designs are featured on the Facebook timeline for the biennial.

Thanks to professional connections of graphic design faculty member Todd Childers, students in Three-Dimensional Graphic Design classes taught by him, Amy Fidler and Andrea (Mo) Budinger this semester were able to participate in the show. Students created designs representing the spirit of Cuba, and had to research what the stereotypes are, and which might be true.

After doing their own research, each student prepared a series of six images for a sequential slide show, which would be projected into space using a point-of-view camera (camera obscura) that shows multiple images at once, creating the illusion of three-dimensionality and, in some cases, movement.

Childers and Fidler curated the entries, choosing several to submit to the Cuban review panel, from which the three were chosen.

“I was really pleased with the learning outcomes,” Childers said. “This was the first time the students had to think about something on an architectural scale, having to design to fill a very big space. They have done many things for posters and book designs, but this called for a different approach.”

“One of the major benefits of being part of the process was sending our designs into the unknown and hearing their feedback,” Fidler said. “Although the language was a challenge, we learned that there is a language of design – of typography and image – and we all speak the same language.”

In addition, Fidler pointed out, Budinger is German and so was in the interesting position of teaching in America about a project in Cuba. “She has an understanding of what it’s like to work internationally and across borders. It was so valuable to our students to have her input when they were asking themselves ‘Are these images accurate, and are we representing the culture properly?’”

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BGSU trustees present three scholarships

Minard and Leiss
 Jessica Minard (left) and Megan Leiss

Three BGSU students with an impressive list of leadership, academic achievement and social commitments have received the board of trustees’ Leadership Scholarship.

Megan Leiss, a junior from Quincy, Ohio, majoring in middle childhood education; Georgia Ike, a sophomore from Sidney, Ohio, majoring in adolescent to young adult mathematics education, and Jessie Minard, a senior from Sylvania, Ohio, majoring in special education, were presented the $1,000 award by the trustees at their May 4 meeting

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May 10, 2012