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Monday, July 23, 2012 BGSU
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Darlene Petkwitz charges her electric car

Electric vehicle stations charged and ready

Three electric vehicle charging stations are now up and running around campus. These locations are in addition to the three charging stations in downtown Bowling Green.

The BGSU charging stations are located at:

  • Parking lot 8 (behind the Falcon Heights residence hall, on the corner of East Merry and Thurstin Street)
  • Parking lot E (next to the BGSU Heat Plant and railroad tracks, across the street from Bowen-Thompson Student Union on Thurstin Street)
  • Parking lot 20 (just south of the BGSU Welcome Center)

The hope is that the stations will attract more electric vehicles to the area.

“If we want to encourage a green revolution, we need to give people easy ways to reduce their carbon footprint,” said Tony Palumbo, director of the BGSU Electric Vehicle Institute. “By strategically placing charging stations throughout campus for easy, free access to the entire Bowling Green community, we are providing ‘opportunity charging’ so people can charge their cars while they conduct other University or community business.”

Anyone with an electric vehicle can park in the space next to the station and hook the charger to the car. Charging is free.

Darlene Petkwitz, a certified public accountant in Bowling Green, just purchased a Think North America electric car last Friday. “It’s designed to be an urban car for short commutes, so it’s been great for zipping around the community,” she said.

Petkwitz loves the convenience of new charging stations around BGSU. “I not only have meetings on campus, but also enjoy events at the Stroh Center. I look forward to plugging in my car at the station by the Visitor’s Center, enjoying a great game, and then coming out to my car being fully charged.”

The stations were paid for through a grant from Clean Fuels Ohio and the U.S. Department of Energy. The BGSU Green Initiatives Fund covered the matching portion of the grant.

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Athletic training in Africa

Matt Kunz Matthew Kutz

It’s a country that has suffered through genocide, civil war and famine. Now the government of Rwanda is turning its attention to sport in an effort to build strong communities.

Dr. Matthew Kutz, clinical education coordinator of athletic training at BGSU, will be helping to achieve that goal. Kutz will leave in January 2013 to lecture at the Kigali Health Institute in Rwanda as part of a six-month Fulbright Scholar grant.

“Rwanda really needs an infrastructure in sports medicine,” Kutz explained. “The Fulbright at the Kigali Institute involves training their physical therapists on exercise and how to manage health-based clients. I’ll be teaching an exercise science course as well as what we call therapeutic exercise - rehab for active people - more strength and conditioning techniques. I’ll also get into health management courses as well.”

Kutz plans to bring with him exercise balls and other equipment readily available in the United States but nonexistent in Rwanda.

“They’ve never seen that stuff and used it. I’m really looking forward to the cultural experience and the different perspective. It will be challenging, but fun and will definitely impact the students here. I’ll be able to provide an entirely different paradigm of health care and show them creative options for teaching patients.”

Kutz is one of approximately 1,100 U.S. faculty and professionals who will travel abroad through the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program in 2012-13. Recipients are selected on the basis of academic or professional achievement, as well as demonstrated leadership potential in their fields.

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July 23, 2012