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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ballweg shares her
art in China

Janet Ballweg

Farming and printmaking do not typically go hand in hand, except in China, as Janet Ballweg, School of Art, learned this fall. She was one of four international artists invited to participate in the second Qijiang Farmers Festival of Prints, at the Farmers Printmaking Institute in Qijiang. Artists came from the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China.

“The Farmers Printmaking Institute is significant because the peasant farmers started making prints during the revolution and have continued the tradition by training their children to make prints from a young age,” explained Ballweg.

Ballweg exhibited two prints in the International Print Exhibition and gave a presentation on “Printmaking in the U.S.” at a festival symposium. She also spoke about her work at the Sichuan Academy of Art.

Financial Aid TV a must-see
for families

In late September, the Office of Student Financial Aid (SFA) launched Financial Aid TV. (FATV). FATV is a “YouTube”-like video series on the Web providing answers to more than 250 general financial aid questions. The short clips are quick, simple-to-understand video answers in English, Chinese and Spanish. (See

SFA has also developed a Financial Aid Overview video series that walks families through completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. High schools throughout the Midwest are linking to the site, which is also being accessed by prospective students from all around the world. Click Here

in the news

BGSU defeats Toledo again. This time in American Red Cross’ Blood Bowl - WTVG

Cyberlaw expert to talk about copyrights at BGSU - The Blade

'Friday Night Lights' saves big
for BGSU
At 4:59 p.m. on Fridays, some students are looking forward to starting the weekend by spending time with friends, heading home on I-75 or just relaxing in residence halls. But others, like senior Dustin Sabo, are looking forward to flipping the light switches in campus buildings from up to down to save energy.

Sabo is the creator of “Friday Night Lights”—the BGSU version. “I took this idea from Penn State (their version is ‘Friday Night Lights Out’) and made it into my own project here,” Sabo said. “The idea involves students going around to all academic buildings on Friday nights and turning off the lights for the weekend.”

He brought the idea to BGSU Sustainability Coordinator Nicholas Hennessy. “I was really impressed because it’s a project that saves energy and the University money,” Hennessy said. “It has quickly become a cultural phenomenon and energy-saving success on campus this semester.”

Sabo recruited the majority of volunteers from the Collegiate Middle Level Association, an organization he is part of. The group started flipping the light switches down on Oct. 2, saving BGSU in excess of $4,000 since then. The savings are calculated by Hennessy from logs kept by the students.

The group hopes to expand its campuswide lights off to all buildings, Sabo said. “I want to work my way up, meaning I want this organization to be an outreach group on campus for students to volunteer to just flip the switch off,” Sabo said. “Therefore, as the group grows, the more lights we can cut off all over campus and the more the University saves. We're always looking for more volunteers, and people can invite a friend and bring them along.” 

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December 02, 2009