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Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Breakers
Students Janie Landry, Eugene Swager and Macy Hafner (left to right) install post at Big Lagoon
State Park.

Students and faculty get ‘green’ during alternative spring break

The staff at Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola, Fla., was ecstatic about the work of BGSU students and faculty during a “green” alternative spring break organized by the Center for Environmental Programs and the Office of Campus Activities.

Accompanied by Drs. Nick Hennessy, campus sustainability coordinator, and Bryan Cavins, assistant dean of students for leadership programs and former director of Outdoor Programs, the group of 28 students worked on a number of environmental projects including habitat restoration, planting of native species, debris removal and park facility repairs.

“Ranger staff at the park were amazed with the amount of work the students were willing to do and able to do in such a short amount of time,” said Cavins.

Hennessy said the group defined green sustainability as living in a way to preserve the land for future generations and held sessions every night on how they could bring back what they learned to BGSU.

“We wanted students to leave with more than just a cool trip to Florida,” he explained. “We wanted students to learn what sustainability is in the first place, what is the way of living that will preserve our natural capital. The company that ran the experience did a good job of helping students convert that into an action plan of things they individually could do once they got home.”

Some students came into the project not knowing what green sustainability meant. “People had some ‘light bulb’ moments, and that was what we intended,” said Hennessey.

In post-trip evaluations, students said they enjoyed working alongside people who shared their passion for “green” issues and environmental impact.


Bobbi Ausubel

'That Takes Ovaries' keynote event for Women's History Month

On Monday (March 22) BGSU will celebrate Women’s History Month with a special keynote event honoring women who have taken courageous stands for justice.

The spoken-word performance called “That Takes Ovaries” is at 6 p.m. in the Honors Program Loft in Dunbar residence hall. Playwright Bobbi Ausubel, a contributor to the book That Takes Ovaries, will emcee the event. BGSU students, coached by Ausubel, will perform dramatic readings from the book and the evening will end with an open mic for audience members to get involved. Golden Ovary awards will be given to all the women who share their stories.

Copies of the book That Takes Ovaries will be available at the event from People Called Women.

Ausubel currently works in India with women in prostitution and children vulnerable to sex trafficking and also leads female empowerment events across the world. She will share her experiences and show a short video about sex trafficking at 2:30 p.m. March 23 in the Gish Film Theater.

Both events are open to the public and free; however, donations will be accepted.

Additional events include:

  • Lifting the Veil: Women in the Arab World
    March 24, noon, Women’s Center, 107 Hanna Hall
    Presented by Taghreed Abu Sarhan, American culture studies graduate student

  • Women Leaders in Peace and Conflict Resolution
    March 26, 1:30 p.m., Women’s Center
    Presented by Drs. Ellen Gorsevski and Lara Lengel, School of Media and Communications, and graduate students Anca Birzescu, Stormi Moskal and Linda Ziberi

  • 11th annual Bring Your Favorite Professor/Mentor to Lunch
    March 31, noon, Women’s Center, 108 Hanna Hall

'Take 5' looks at health and wellness center of excellence

In this week’s “Take 5” podcast, Dr. Linda Petrosino, dean of the college of Health and Human Services, discusses “Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan,” one of BGSU’s Centers of Excellence recently approved by the Ohio Board of Regents.


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March 19, 2010