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Friday, May 14, 2010

Business and Marketing Education program hosts Centennial celebration

Business & Marketing Education
Presenting a historical perspective of BGSU's Business and Marketing Education were (left to right) current program head Dr. Robert Berns (1994-present), former chairs Dr. David Hyslop (1985-94) and Dr. Mearl Guthrie (1957-85), and Dr. E.G. Knepper Jr., son of the first chair, Dr. E.G. Knepper Sr. (1937-53).

The Business and Marketing Education program welcomed more than 140 guests at a Centennial Celebration recently in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union.

Alumni, students, and retired and current faculty and staff of the program participated in the event, which included awards and scholarship presentations and a historical perspective. Dr. John Holup '66, '70, professor emeritus of marketing education at the University of Idaho, received the program's 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Originally known as Commercial Education, the program had its start in 1919 and has graduated thousands of students since its inception. Over the years, alumni have assumed such positions as schoolteachers and administrators, professors, college administrators, government workers, industry trainers, human resource specialists, office administrators, information technology specialists and managers.

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A thrilling finish

Fire School

In a dramatic cap-off to State Fire School on campus this week, Britton Alexander (bottom), an EMT/firefigher with Rossford Fire Dept., and Dan Merryman practice advanced rope-rescue techniques at Offenhauer. The school ended today (May 14).


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May 14, 2010