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BGSU Undergraduate Catalog 2001-2003

The 2001-2003 catalog has been published in print and was put online August 2001. For viewing consistency with all browsers, most of the online catalog documents are in portable document format (pdf). You may download a free copy of a pdf reader application from Adobe by clicking the button below:

The online catalog is updated annually; therefore, it differs from the printed catalog. Current requirements for individual programs should be verified with the appropriate college office. Students should read the policies on catalog requirements to follow.

The table of contents for the online catalog differs from the printed catalog; it has been rearranged for ease of online use.

Degree and Certificate Programs

Academic Policies (Academic Calendar)

Information by college

Arts and Sciences
Business Administration
Education and Human Development
Firelands College
Health and Human Services
Musical Arts

Course Descriptions

These are updated at least monthly as revisions are approved.

Special Academic Programs

Admissions, Fees, Housing, Financial Aid, Registration and Records, Support Services

The University

2000-2002 Graduate Catalog

1999-2001 Undergraduate Catalog 


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