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Financial Aid

Dropping and withdrawing from classes

Initial financial aid awards are determined on the assumption of full-time (12 credit hours) attendance unless SFA is notified by the student of planned enrollment below full-time. If the student's enrollment status is different than his or her assumed or planned enrollment status, the student's financial aid for the enrollment period will be adjusted in accordance with federal, state or University requirements.

If a student is unable to begin a class or must withdraw, it is the student's responsibility to notify the University promptly and complete all official withdrawal procedures (see Withdrawal from the University and Grading policies). When the University becomes aware that a student has unofficially or officially dropped a class or withdrawn from all classes, the University is obligated to determine if any financial aid adjustments are required.

Federal law specifies how BGSU must determine the amount of federal program assistance that students earn if they withdraw. When a student withdraws during a semester or stops participating, the law requires SFA to use the Title IV Return of Funds calculation to determine the amount of financial aid the student has earned up to the withdrawal date. The amount of aid that is earned is determined on a pro-rata basis. The amount of financial aid that is unearned is returned to its respective program. This could result in the student having to return all or a portion of the financial aid funds provided to him or her.

Additional information regarding the Title IV Return of Funds policy, the calculation used to determine the amount of earned and unearned federal aid, and examples of financial aid award adjustments the University must make when a student withdraws is available from SFA and on SFA's web site.

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