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Course Descriptions and Related Information

4/1/03 Course Descriptions
4/29/02Course Descriptions

In order to reflect the expertise and interests of the faculty and to meet the needs of the student body, the University continually updates its course offerings. As courses are added to or removed from the curriculum and are modified, those changes are recorded in the online course catalog. This is always the best source for up-to-date information. Course descriptions indicate the academic term(s) during which each course is ordinarily offered.

The Arabic number in parentheses following the title of a course indicates the number of semester hours of credit. Because courses are offered in different formats, this does not necessarily indicate the number of hours of classroom work expected.

The prerequisites listed for a course indicate the level and type of experience a student must have prior to enrolling in the course. A student who has not met stated prerequisites must consult with the department/course instructor to ask for permission to enroll. Students enrolling in courses offered by the College of Business Administration and the College of Education and Human Development must meet all prerequisites.

A C/F hrs. notation indicates the hours of contact in a clinical or field setting as required by some education and human development courses.

Courses numbered 099 and below are developmental. Credit may not be applied toward any degree program. Courses numbered from 100 to 299 are ordinarily for freshmen, sophomores, and/or nonmajors. Courses numbered from 300 to 499 are ordinarily for juniors, seniors, and/or study in the major beyond the introductory level. For more information about eligibility to enroll in specific courses, check course prerequisites and consult academic advisers.

Course offerings for each semester are subject to student demand and staff availability. To determine whether courses in the courses descriptions list are being taught in a particular semester, please consult the current Schedule of Classes, available at the following online location (http://webapps.bgsu.edu/classes).

A course may be offered both at main campus and BGSU Firelands. Check the Schedule of Classes for up-to-date listings of class availability.

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