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College administration

Office of the Dean
Ernest N. Savage, Ed.D., dean, 204 Technology, 419-372-2438

Office of Associate Dean
Donna K. Trautman, Ph.D., 207 Technology, 419-372-7613

Office of Student Program Services
Linda K. Swaisgood, M.A., director of student program services, 102 Technology, 419-372-7581

Office of Cooperative Education
Barry D. Piersol, M.Ed., director of cooperative education and assistant to the dean, 101 Technology, 419-372-7580

Office of Graduate Studies
Donna K. Trautman, Ph.D., director, 207 Technology, 419-372-7613

Technology Systems, Tom Andrews, Ph.D., chair, 264 Technology, 419-372-2439
Visual Communication and Technology Education, Larry O. Hatch, Ph.D., chair, 260 Technology, 419-372-2437

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