Summer 2013 Undergraduate Catalog
College of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Liberal Studies Degree

The bachelor of liberal studies degree program is one option available to the student whose interests extend beyond a single academic major or more traditional interdepartmental program. The degree's flexibility may make it an appropriate option, for example, for nontraditional students who enroll only in evening courses. The student seeking the liberal studies degree works with a college academic advisor.

  1. A fully admitted student at the University may be evaluated for admission to the B.L.S. program if he or she has:
    1. Completed no fewer than 30 semester hours;
    2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00;
    3. At least 12 semester hours of coursework remaining to be completed before graduation;
    4. Submitted the application for admission into the B.L.S. degree program any time before the first 14 days of the semester in which the last 12 hours of the degree program are begun;
    5. Submitted a personal essay of two to three pages which articulates a specific relationship between the student's long- and short-term goals and objectives and the proposed course of study.
    6. Students enrolled in other colleges at BGSU must meet with a college advisor before an application is made.
    7. Students applying for BLS on-line must first contact an Arts & Sciences advisor by email.
  2. A B.L.S. degree program may include within the 122 hours required for graduation no more than 27 hours within any one department in the College of Arts and Sciences.
  3. To be eligible to graduate in the B.L.S. degree program, a student must have:
    1. Met all of the requirements set forth in section one above and have been admitted to the program;
    2. Completed 100 hours of coursework within the college;
    3. Met all of the University's requirements for a bachelor's degree;
    4. Satisfactorily completed a minimum of 122 hours, with at least 30 hours of coursework at BGSU;
    5. Completed GSW 1120;
    6. Completed the University's BG Perspective program (see BG Perspective requirements)
  4. When a student is pursuing a Liberal Studies degree and desires to complete another Arts & Sciences degree, no more than 18 hours from Liberal Studies can be counted in the second major requirements.