1999-2001 Undergraduate Catalog

College of Business Administration

371 Business Administration, 372-2747

Degree Programs

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Economics
Applied Statistics
International Business
Management Information Systems
Operations Research/Management Science

College administration

Office of the Dean

  • James A. Sullivan, Ph.D., dean, 371 Business Administration, 372-2747
  • Undergraduate Studies in Business, 371 Business Administration, 372-2747
  • Nancy J. Merritt, Ph.D., associate dean
  • Kristen A. Donaldson, M.B.A., director
  • Linda C. Bakkum, M.A., assistant director
  • Julie L. Ash, M.Ed., academic adviser
  • Departments

  • Accounting and Management Information Systems, Alan T. Lord, Ph.D., chair,
  • 332 Business Administration, 372-2767
  • Applied Statistics and Operations Research, B. Madhu Rao, Ph.D., chair,
  • 344 Business Administration, 372-2363
  • Economics, John H. Hoag, Ph.D., chair,
  • 3002 Business Administration, 372-2646
  • Finance, Sung Bae, Ph.D., chair,
  • 201 Business Administration, 372-2520
  • Legal Studies and International Business, Donald L. Boren, J.D., chair,
  • 264 Business Administration, 372-2376
  • Management, Chan Hahn, Ph.D., chair,
  • 3018 Business Administration, 372-2946
  • Marketing, Susan Petroshius, Ph.D., chair, 234 Business Administration, 372-2401
  • Aerospace Studies, Col. Daniel Hoile, M.A., chair, 164 Memorial Hall, 372-2176
  • Military Science, Lt. Col. Mark Anderson, M.B.A., chair, 151 Memorial Hall,
  • 372-2476
  • Programs

  • Graduate Studies in Business, James F. McFillen, Ph.D., associate dean,
  • 369 Business Administration, 372-2488
  • Health Care Administration, Donald L. Boren, J.D., director, 264 Business Administration, 372-2376
  • Hospitality Management, Kenneth Crocker, Ph.D., director, 242 Business Administration, 372-8713
  • International Business, Vinod Jain, Ph.D., director, 277 Business Administration, 372-9649
  • Centers

  • Canadian Studies Center, Mark J. Kasoff, Ph.D., director, 253 Business Administration, 372-2457
  • Management Center, George S. Howick, B.S., director, 367 Business Administration, 372-2807
  • Computer Facilities

  • Information Services, Inge Klopping, Ph.D., assistant dean, 2005A Business Administration, 372-2903
  • Computer classrooms/labs, 2000 Business Administration
  • Academic mission

    The College of Business Administration is a center of learning that nurtures the continuous personal and professional development of all who participate in its academic programs and scholarly endeavors. We are entrusted with a fundamental responsibility by the University and the people of the state of Ohio to educate individuals for professional roles in business and society. In fulfilling our mission we foster intellectual curiosity, innovative leadership, critical thinking, ethical behavior and an understanding of the cultural implications of managing in a pluralistic society and in an international environment.


    To meet the challenges of the business world the academic programs of the College of Business Administration require high standards of performance. Programs are designed to provide an intellectual challenge to a student who wishes to assume the responsibility for tomorrow's business leadership.

    The College of Business Administration is a fully accredited member of the AACSBthe International Association for Management Education. Degrees granted by such accredited colleges are widely recognized by major businesses and graduate schools. Additional AACSB accreditation is held for the accounting program in the college.

    Student recognition

    Students of outstanding achievement in business and management may be recognized by Beta Gamma Sigma, the national scholastic honor society. The purposes of Beta Gamma Sigma are to encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment, to promote the advancement of education in the art and science of business and to foster integrity in the conduct of business operations.

    Students are also recognized for their outstanding achievements by the awarding of University, college, department and program honors and scholarships and by inclusion in other honor societies.

    Organization of the college

    Departments and programs

    The College of Business Administration consists of seven departments participating in degree programs:

  • Accounting and management information systems
  • Applied statistics and operations research
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Legal studies and international business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Undergraduate program offices include:
  • Health care administration
  • Hospitality management
  • International business
  • Undergraduate studies in business
  • Academic advising

    Student advising is offered through college office and faculty advisers. Students are responsible for arranging advising appointments and for meeting all graduation requirements. To facilitate student planning computerized degree audits are available to all students each year, indicating progress toward graduation requirements. The college's Web site, www.cba.bgsu.edu, provides additional information and advice.

    College office advisers

    Student advising is offered in the college office by Undergraduate Studies in Business. The director, assistant director and academic adviser are available to all College of Business Administration students, students from other colleges and prospective students. Students who are undecided or

    specializing in general business in the bachelor of science in business administration are assigned to Undergraduate Studies in Business, but may also seek advising from department and program faculty.

    Undergraduate Studies in Business advisers discuss career and educational goals, program requirements and suitable courses. The advisers meet with high school students and students from other colleges and universities who are interested in transferring to the College of Business Administration. Advisers are available for appointments throughout the calendar year (even when classes are not in session). Walk-in, group and evening advising are offered during the fall and spring semesters. Contact the college office for more information or to make an appointment (371 Business Administration, 372-2747).

    Faculty advisers

    College of Business Administration students who have declared an area of specialization in the bachelor of science in business administration other than general business or have declared the bachelor of science in economics are also assigned a faculty adviser in the student's specialization or in economics. Students meet with faculty advisers to discuss course selections, degree and specialization requirements, careers, internships, job opportunities and student organizations. Faculty advisers also meet with other current and prospective students regarding the College of Business Administration programs and courses.

    Academic appeals

    Business administration students who want to appeal for exceptions to academic requirements, policies or procedures may submit a written appeal to the college's Board of Appeals. For further information contact Undergraduate Studies in Business (371 Business Administration, 372-2747).

    For information concerning grade appeals, see p. 10.

    Students entering the college

    Pre-business or economics

    Students enter the College of Business Administration at the beginning of their first year or as transfer students (see Admissions, p. 26). First-year students and transfer students who are pursuing the bachelor of science in business administration (BSBA) degree enter the college as pre-business students and retain that classification until they are admitted to the BSBA program (see Admission to the BSBA program on p. 71). First-year students and transfer students who are pursuing the bachelor of science in economics enter the college as economics majors.

    Transfer from other BGSU colleges

    Students currently enrolled in other BGSU colleges or in pre-major advising are encouraged to meet with Undergraduate Studies in Business or faculty advisers for information regarding the college's programs and course scheduling. Students may transfer to the College of Business Administration in the first semester of their initial enrollment at BGSU or at any time thereafter if the student has:

  • 1. a cumulative BGSU grade point average of 2.0 or higher; and
  • 2. met one of the following:
    a. completion of MATH 126, 131 or 134 with a grade of "C" or higher;
    b. completion of MATH 120, 128 or 130 with a grade of "C" or higher and current enrollment in MATH 126, 131 or 134;
    c. placement and current enrollment in MATH 126, 131 or 134.
  • To transfer, students should go to the office of their current college to request transfer and then meet with an adviser in Undergraduate Studies in Business.

    Transfer from other colleges or universities

    Students seeking transfer to BGSU and the College of Business Administration should contact the Office of Admissions (see Institutional transfer, p. 28). Prospective transfer students are encouraged to meet with Undergraduate Studies in Business (college office) or faculty advisers for information regarding the college's programs.

    Credit by transfer from a four-year, fully accredited institution is accepted for most courses. Credit by transfer from a two-year, fully accredited institution is not accepted for most business courses that require junior or senior standing at BGSU. However, transfer students with sufficient background in the subject matter of a course may seek credit by examination or credit through the College Level Examination Program (see Credit by examination, p. 11). These validation options are given at the discretion of the appropriate department and may result in BGSU credit for the course.

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