1999-2001 Undergraduate Catalog

Firelands College

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College administration

  • Dean, 372-0623
  • John P. Pommersheim, Ph.D., natural and social sciences chair, 372-0633
  • O. Dale Schnetzer, Ph.D., humanities chair, 372-0664
  • James M. Smith, Ph.D., applied sciences chair, 372-0679
  • Joseph J. Nayduciak, Ed.S., assistant to the dean for educational outreach, 372-0632
  • John P. Hartung, M.A., director of enrollment and student services, 372-0639
  • Lesley G. Ruszkowski, M.A., M.B.A., assistant director of college relations, 372-0613
  • Charles C. Stocker, B.S., director of budget and operations, 372-0638
  • The college

    Firelands College is the regional campus and one of seven undergraduate colleges of Bowling Green State University. Located in Huron, Ohio, near the shore of Lake Erie, Firelands is within easy commuting distance of most communities in north central Ohio.

    Members of the faculty, more than 70 percent of whom hold the highest degree in their fields, include two Fulbright scholars as well as nationally known researchers and authors.

    The small size of the campus and its classes (typically 25-30 students) promotes close interaction between students and their professors both in and out of the classroom.

    A variety of scholarships, loans, grants and other types of financial aid are available through BGSU, Firelands College and other groups and associations affiliated with the University.

    Numerous student clubs and organizations, as well as a variety of intramural sports and an active theatre program, make it possible for Firelands College students to have a well-rounded college experience.

    The college also serves as a cultural center for the surrounding community, with guest speakers, art exhibitions and ensemble performers appearing on campus throughout the year.


    Firelands College seeks to offer the citizens of north central Ohio the broad educational resources of a major state university in a smaller, student-centered, teaching-focused, personalized environment. The stated functional mission of Firelands College is three-fold:

  • 1. To provide general education and pre-professional curricula designed to prepare students for bachelor's degree education. The associate of arts and associate of science degrees are carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth transition for students who want to begin their bachelor's degrees at Firelands College. A variety of junior, senior and graduate courses also are offered. Currently, students can complete Bowling Green State University bachelor's degrees in liberal studies, general studies in business, applied health science and nursing on the Firelands College campus. (See p. 119.)
  • 2. To grant technical and paraprofessional associate degrees which prepare students for work settings. For students who plan to enter the job market in a technical or paraprofessional area, Firelands College offers 11 occupational associate degrees, eight one-year technical certificates and four Tech-Prep programs. (See p. 120.)
  • 3. To offer continuing education opportunities to serve the personal and professional development needs of the region. To meet the continuing education needs of area residents, Firelands College offers credit and non-credit courses, workshops and seminars. (See p. 128.)
  • With its sharp focus on undergraduate education and teaching of the highest quality, Firelands College shares the vision and values of Bowling Green State University with its strengthened commitment to becoming "the premier learning community in Ohio and one of the best in the nation." The college offers a rich array of general studies, technical/career studies, certificate programs, continuing education courses,
    employee training and workforce development initiatives that have been crafted to meet the unique educational needs of the north central Ohio region.

    Firelands College is firmly committed to promoting racial, ethnic, gender and age diversity on its campus, and seeks to employ a diversified faculty and staff.

    Degrees offered

    Firelands College is the presence of Bowling Green State University in north central Ohio. Students can begin one of 177 baccalaureate degree programs, complete four BGSU bachelor's degrees or enroll in graduate-level courses designed to meet the continuing education needs of area residents.

    Bachelor's degrees available at Firelands College

    Through collaboration with other Bowling Green State University colleges, select bachelor's degrees are available to students on the Firelands College campus.

    Bachelor of Applied Health Science

    Positions in health care delivery will continue to be plentiful as the demand for services increase and the need for higher level expertise expands. This degree enhances opportunities for professionals with associate degrees in heath related professions. The diversified curriculum provides a strong background in basic science and core courses provide the knowledge needed to advance in the health-care field.

    The core includes basic understandings in life span development, statistics, computers, technical writing and problem solving. Individuals holding associate degrees in areas such as dental hygiene, radiology technology, health information technology, surgical technology, respiratory care, physical therapy assisting, perfusion technology and medical assisting may benefit from this program. Students enroll in the allied health major and use credits earned in the technical component of the associate degree for the bachelor's degree. This degree is awarded by the College of Health and Human Services, see p. 90.

    Bachelor of Arts in General Studies in Business

    The general studies in business leading to a bachelor of arts degree is designed for students planning to go into a family business, purchase a current business, start a new one or improve their position in a current business. The College of Arts and Sciences awards this degree, see p. 46, 57.

    Bachelor of Liberal Studies

    The bachelor of liberal studies degree program is one option available to students whose interests extend beyond a single academic major or more traditional interdepartmental program. The degree's flexibility may make it an appropriate option, for example, for nontraditional students who enroll only in evening courses.

    A fully admitted student at the University may be evaluated for admission to the B.L.S. program if he or she has:

  • 1. completed no fewer than 30 semester hours;
  • 2. a minimum GPA of 2.5;
  • 3. at least 45 semester hours of coursework remaining to be completed before graduation;
  • 4. submitted the application for admission into the B.L.S. degree program within the first 14 days of the semester in which the last 45 hours of the degree program are begun;
  • 5. submitted a personal essay of three to five pages which articulates specific correspondences between the student's long- and short-term goals and objectives and the proposed curriculum;
  • 6. completed Eng 112;
  • 7. removed all high school deficiencies (if appropriate);
  • 8. completed the University's general education program (see p. 6).
  • Students enrolled at Firelands College must meet with an adviser at the time application is made.

    A B.L.S. degree program may include within the 122 hours required for graduation no more than 27 hours within any one department in the College of Arts and Sciences.

    To be eligible to graduate in the B.L.S. degree program, a student must have:

  • 1. met all of the requirements set forth above and have been admitted to the program;
  • 2. completed 100 hours of coursework within the College of Arts and Sciences;
  • 3. met all of the University's requirements for a bachelor's degree;
  • 4. followed an approved program of study which is consistent with his or her original application to the program;
  • 5. satisfactorily completed a minimum of 122 hours with the last 30 hours in residence at BGSU.
  • The College of Arts and Sciences awards the B.L.S., see p. 48.

    Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    (RN-BSN Completion Program)

  • Mary DeVos, R.N., M.S.N., coordinator
  • Graduates of associate degree and diploma programs can earn a bachelor's degree with a major in nursing at Firelands College. This completion program provides for flexibility and an individualized approach for the nurse who is already practicing.

    A student may be evaluated for admission to the program if he or she has:

  • 1. a minimum of 29 semester hours of college credit including prerequisite courses in chemistry and biology or equivalents with minimum GPA of 2.5;
  • 2. successfully completed selected National League for Nursing Examinations or substitute;
  • 3. a current state of Ohio license;
  • 4. completed the general college requirements;
  • 5. professional liability/malpractice insurance;
  • 6. graduated from an NLN accredited school.
  • There are 28 hours in the nursing major. Typically students take the 28 hours part-time spread over two years. The College of Health and Human Services awards this degree in cooperation with the Medical College of Ohio, see p. 94.

    Preparation for bachelor's degrees: University general education

    A University education is more than the learning of skills appropriate to a career or job. The acquisition of knowledge from such areas as the humanities or the natural and social sciences contributes to the foundation of the well-educated person. Through University general education courses students discover their values and gain insight into the challenges of the future.

    Designed to contribute to the foundation of bachelor's degree programs, University general education requirements add breadth to the major field selected by the student. A wide variety of courses are available at Firelands College. These courses can be used to meet the appropriate group requirements in bachelor's degree programs (see
    p. 6).

    Students who are interested in completing a bachelor's degree at Bowling Green State University should consult the appropriate college section of this catalog for a complete program description. Students should work closely with their academic advisers at Firelands College and at the main campus to ensure completion of University general education requirements with courses that also satisfy requirements of the selected baccalaureate degree.

    General requirements for associate degrees

    The associate of arts and associate of science programs are designed to fulfill the first two years of a bachelor's degree, but may also serve as terminal programs for students who do not plan to complete a four-year degree. The associate of applied business, associate of applied sciences and associate of technical study degrees are primarily intended to prepare students for employment upon graduation. Although termed career education, these well-designed associate degrees are also coordinated with similarly oriented four-year programs, thus permitting a student to continue towards a bachelor's degree in a related discipline.

    A candidate for an associate degree must earn a minimum of 62 semester hours. Some degrees require more than 62 credit hours. Students who seek an associate degree

    Firelands College
    must complete both general and specific requirements for the degree sought.

    A candidate for an associate degree at Firelands College must satisfy the general requirements for associate degrees listed under Academic Policies and Procedures,
    p. 5. No more than six credit hours of basic writing from ENG 110, 111 and 112 may be applied toward graduation (see also Requirement of writing proficiency, p. 7).

    Students who have a grade point average of 3.5 to 3.89 are eligible to graduate with distinction; students with a grade point average of 3.9 to 4.0 will be eligible for graduation with highest distinction. To be eligible for these honors, students must have completed a total of 28 credit hours at Firelands College, at least 21 of which must be letter-graded.

    Other educational opportunities

    Graduate education

    The goal of graduate education is to develop the resourcefulness and responsibility of post-baccalaureate individuals by furthering in them the ability to handle effectively the materials of their field and related human interactions, and to use critically the reports of others, judging both their value and limitations. To address the educational needs of the residents of north central Ohio, Bowling Green State University offers graduate courses in arts and sciences and in professional fields of study.

    Post Secondary Enrollment Program

  • Deborah E. Knigga, M.Ed., coordinator of educational partnerships
  • This program provides qualified high school students the opportunity to strengthen and enrich their educational experience by enrolling in regular University classes that may be taken concurrently for both college and high school credit. Students accepted into this program are not required to pay for instructional costs or textbooks.

    College Credit Program

    This program provides a means for high school students who do not qualify for the Post Secondary Enrollment Options Program to enroll in credit courses which may be used to supplement coursework available to them in their home school. Students who participate in this program must pay all costs associated with their enrollment, including tuition and textbooks.

    Developmental education

    Firelands College is committed to providing an effective array of developmental courses designed to enhance the academic skills of under-prepared students. All new students are assessed for proper placement in English, reading, mathematics and science. Students who transfer to Firelands College are evaluated using Bowling Green State University's transfer module and articulation requirements.

    Firelands College offers developmental coursing in reading, writing and mathematics. In addition three full-time professionals with credentials in reading/study skills, mathematics and science are available to provide out-of-class tutoring. A certified special needs tutor is available for students with learning disabilities and/or physical handicaps.

    Tech Prep Program

  • Deborah E. Knigga, M.Ed., coordinator of educational partnerships
  • Tech prep means "technology prepared." The Tech Prep Program is an educational opportunity for students to learn the highly competitive technical skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing work environment. This two-year technical and academic program begins in the junior year of high school, giving students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit. This program prepares students for high tech careers and advanced educational opportunities through a partnership with Firelands College, EHOVE Career Center, high schools in Erie, Huron and Ottawa counties, the Workforce Development Council, and business and industry.

    Current Tech Prep Programs include engineering and industrial technician, health technician, computer communications network technician, and hospitality and restaurant management technology. These programs are designed to offer students a broad-based education in their desired field through high school and college courses, preparing them to enter the world of work and/or to continue their education.

    Eligible students will:

  • a. be juniors at their high school;
  • b. have a 2.5 grade point average;
  • c. have earned a "C" or better in algebra and biology;
  • d. receive their high school counselor's or principal's recommendation;
  • e. have been accepted through an interview by tech prep counselors and staff;
  • f. show interest in post secondary technical education.
  • Students interested in the Tech Prep Program should contact the Office of Educational Partnerships or their high school counselors.

    Educational outreach

    The Office for Educational Outreach offers a wide variety of lifelong learning opportunities, courses, workshops and seminars. The chief purpose of the offerings is to provide area residents with opportunities to develop new skills or to stimulate new interests. Special workshops and seminars are also offered in many topical areas, such as management, education, computers, total improvement management, and personal and professional enrichment.

    Lifelong learning courses, workshops, seminars and in-service training programs may be customized for a particular firm, school, organization or interest group. Inquiries relative to the offering of such specific programs should be directed to the Office for Educational Outreach at Firelands College.

    Business & Industry Training Center

  • Loretta M. Peugeot, coordinator for continuing education
  • The Business & Industry Training Center is housed in the Office for Educational Outreach. The center provides credit and non-credit seminars, workshops, courses and custom-designed employee training and development programs all of which can be offered at a company's work site. A representative from the Office for Educational Outreach works with area employers to develop and offer special training programs for employees. The center is capable of providing a wide variety of educational opportunities in leadership development, software applications and the total improvement management component with emphasis in the business, manufacturing and automotive processes.

    The center's aim is to put new technology and technical skill training and communication development within reach for business and industry. The extended goal is to bring about improvement in a company's productivity, quality, market share and the "bottom line."

    The center is a member of EnterpriseOhio, a statewide network of public two-year colleges, that provides job training and retraining services to business and industry.


  • Lisa M. Hammond, administrative assistant, Interactive Distance Education and Conferencing
  • The Interactive Distance Education and Conferencing Center utilizes interactive distance education and conferencing to increase area citizens' access to University resources. Its services include teleconferences and distance education at the upper- division and graduate level for continuing education and for training programs. Area high schools, agencies and businesses can also access the facilities of the IDEACenter.

    To access the center call 2-0693 on the Firelands and Bowling Green campuses or 433-5037.

    Lake Erie Regional Studies Program

    The mission of the Lake Erie Regional Studies Program is to provide a forum for multidisciplinary and specialized study of issues relating to Lake Erie and the surrounding region. This investigation can include an analysis of the natural setting, social and cultural life, recreational activities, business-economic institutions, history and U.S.-Canadian relations.

    Caryl Crane Children's Theatre Program

  • Ronald M. Ruble, Ph.D., artistic director
  • The Caryl Crane Children's Theatre Program exists as a community-campus venture bringing quality theatre productions and workshops to the tri-county area and beyond. Any area youth, age 10 and up, is eligible to participate in productions of children's musicals, children's classics and original works performed for audiences. Firelands College students can also participate either for academic credit or as non-credit volunteers. The Caryl Crane Children's Theatre is the only resident children's theatre program on a regional campus in Ohio and the only one with an on-going guest artist program.

    The goals are to recognize the existence of alternative programs of instruction in the arts which can be found in our geographic area and to avoid replicating such instruction; to be centered on the music, dance and human experiences that are reflected in literature for, about or involving youth; to encourage more participation in children's theatre in our geographic area; to teach children the wonder of the art of theatre; to perform high-quality children's plays for the public, and to promote a love for the theatre as an enriching and nourishing art form in our lives.

    Workshops for children ages 10-18 are offered fall, winter and spring on a variety of theatre topics. Educational outreach into area schools has also been a feature of this program. One or two productions with multiple performances are offered each year.

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