Center for Health


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The Center for Health strives for excellence in the provision of collaborative, holistic medical and psychological care; as well as leadership and advocacy in support of a healthy campus community.


The Center for Health is a multidisciplinary student service that promotes the academic mission of the university through creation and support of a healthy campus community in which each student may participate fully in intellectual and personal growth.

Mission of the Center for Health is to:

•         Provide quality medical and psychological care as well as access to specialty and emergency services

•         Deliver integrated health care that is inclusive, accessible, responsive, and cost effective

•         Encourage healthy decision-making and lifestyles through education and primary prevention

•         Promote health-supporting environments throughout the campus community

In carrying out this mission, the Center for Health is guided by the core values of Bowling Green State University, and seeks to achieve the following:

C aring for the student as a whole person in a safe, welcoming environment

A dvocating for student psychosocial learning, health and wellness, and personal development.

R especting diversity, individuality, and privacy

E ducating our students and their families, faculty, staff, and ourselves.