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Get Connected to Service

Martin Luther King Jr. inspired many with his words “everyone can be great, because everyone can serve”.  In the Office of Service-Learning we offer a variety of programs and events for students to get started on their path to greatness.

First, we are a convenient place on campus for students to start their community service or service-learning search.  Peer consultants called Civic Action Leaders serve in our office and help walk-in students to get connected to service and service-learning.  These student leaders also provide guidance on how to develop a group service project, how to facilitate reflection activities, and how to network with other like-minded individuals and service organizations.  An easy way for students to find out about service opportunities is to sign up for our weekly Service Update by emailing

We also educate students about the benefits of service-learning classes.  These classes pair an academic topic with a community issue.  As a collaborative effort the faculty member, students, and community agency work together to address a community issue.  This type of community-based experience yields significant academic and practical learning.  Service-learning classes are available in every college at the university and are listed in the online course catalog.

Lastly, this year we will host our 2nd Annual Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Awards to recognize faculty, staff, students, and community partners who have done exceptional work in service-learning and civic engagement.  We are currently accepting nominations for these awards.  A nomination form can be found at the Office of Service-Learning web page.  

Whether students are volunteering for a one-time community service project or contributing continuous service, we want to make it easier for them to get involved in their community and to understand how they can use their talents and skills to make social change.

Housing Sign-Up Has Begun!

The BGSU Office of Residence Life is pleased to announce that housing sign-up for the 2012-13 academic year began Monday, February 27, 2012 for returning students. This year, the housing sign-up process will have three main steps:

STEP 1: February 27 - March 16
Students must log into their MyBGSU “My Room and Meals” account  to register for housing, make the initial $200.00 housing payment and complete the lifestyle questionnaire or select specific roommates. Students may sign up anytime during this period, as no priority is given to students who register first.

STEP 2: March 19 - 23
Students who completed Step 1 by March 16 will receive notification from the Office of Residence Life of the specific date and time that they will be able to begin accessing the housing system to choose a room on campus. Housing selection dates and times will be assigned based on accumulated credit hours.

STEP 3: March 26 - 30
Students must log back into their MyBGSU “My Room and Meals” account (beginning on the given date and time given through March 30) to choose a room and meal plan for themselves and/or their roommate group.  

Students who were pulled into rooms or suites as roommates must log back into their MyBGSU “My Room and Meals” account as well, as a 4th step, to confirm the room that was chosen for them and select a meal plan.

NOTE: The date and time signify when students can begin accessing the housing system but not an end time.  All students who registered for housing in Step 1 must choose their room by March 30.  

*After April 2, 2012, any current student can access the housing system at anytime and complete the sign-up process in one visit.

Please visit the Office of Residence Life’s website for additional information, including all of the housing options available for current students.

Summer Course Registration Information

During the typical college student’s life cycle, the question of whether or not to take summer classes will likely arise.  There are many good reasons to consider summer classes.  Depending on the individual student’s situation, summer can be a time to:

  • Engage in a research project with faculty, which enhances resumes and graduate school applications
  • Enhance learning by taking special topics courses that aren’t normally offered during fall or spring
  • Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in town and on campus or take web-based classes, taught by BGSU faculty, from any location in the world
  • Catch-up on classes and stay on track for graduation, especially if the student has changed majors (which is a common occurrence)
  • Lighten a tough course load looming ahead
  • Meet goals of graduating ahead of schedule

Summer classes are usually taught in shortened time frames – anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. While many students associate summer as being “easier,” they should remember that the courses move faster and cover the same amount of material. That said, many students enjoy being able to focus on one subject matter for a shorter time frame.  Hence, summer can be a good way to tackle a “dreaded” subject where the student can be immersed in that subject for 6 weeks.

As always, students are encouraged to consult their academic advisor when planning summer enrollment.  Financial aid is often available during summer session, too, but students should consult that office about any special requirements.   

Sign up for Sibs.N.Kids Weekend!

Bowling Green State University will be hosting its 14th annual Sibs.N.Kids Weekend: Adventure Awaits, April 13-15th.  This signature event of the BGSU community invites siblings to embark on an adventure with students over the course of the weekend.  Students and their siblings can take advantage of a wide variety of fun and interactive activities including movie showings, a picnic, giant inflatables, tie-dye, and so much more!  Events are open to all ages and are free unless otherwise noted.  This is an opportunity for siblings and students to create lasting memories as BGSU Falcons.

All siblings are welcome to join us for the weekend, but must be at least 6 years old and be accompanied by a student and/or adult guardian to participate in all of the events.  Siblings can be registered online until Monday, April 9th. In the coming weeks the final schedule of events for the weekend will be released on our website, so please check back frequently.  This is going to truly be a memorable experience for BGSU students and their siblings.  We hope you can join us for the adventure!

Further information regarding off-campus accommodations for the weekend can be found here.

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Important Upcoming Dates


March 3, 2012
University residences close at 10am for spring break

March 5-9, 2012
Spring Break - No Classes

March 11, 2012
University residences reopen at noon.  First meal served in selected dining centers will be at noon.

April 13 - 15, 2012
Sibs.N.Kids Weekend

April 27, 2012
Last day of classes

April 30 - May 4, 2012
Final examinations

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