Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act



Transferring Privacy Rights from Parents to Students under FERPA

FERPA regulations were enacted to protect the privacy of education records for students of all ages.  Under the guidelines for higher education, the rights of protection and consent automatically transfer from the parent to the eligible student.  An eligible student is defined as a student who has reached 18 years of age or is attending an institution of post secondary education, regardless of age. This means that you will not have the right to access your student's education records without his or her consent. [Section 99.5(a)]

Communicating with Students Before and After They Enter College

Without direct access to information, parents often worry about their students, especially as they begin their college careers. We suggest talking to your children about this issue before they come to campus and keeping the lines of communication open throughout their attendance.

Encouraging Independence and Responsibility

The BGSU experience is intended to foster growth, maturation and the ability to make informed decisions as students assume increasing responsibility for their own actions  In providing a safety net, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act gives colleges and universities the option to release information from a student's education record to parents and certain individuals or agencies when a legitimate educational interest has been verified or the health and safety emergency exception has been invoked. Should parents or guardians have questions involving student discipline matters, a separate consent to release information form is available to students.

Taking Advantage of BGSU Support Services

Many of the support services provided to students during their college years can also help parents understand the BGSU community and answer questions.  To get you started, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to FERPA are arranged below by major service categories.  Each category provides information you or your student may need to protect or access education records.  In addition, each one identifies University offices that offer the necessary assistance.  Direct links to these offices and contact information are provided.  

  • Parent Rights and Responsibilities under FERPA (brief description above)
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the BGSU Student Records Policy
  • Guest Privileges (Restricted access with Parent Password) (See USC Oasis at
  • Know your Rights and Responsibilities: Take the FERPA Challenge for Parents
  • Quick Link to FERPA Definitions