Wellness Tips

Wellness Tips

10. Play!
Reconnect with the child in you. Play tag football, go to the zoo, or play in the snow.

9. Eat your fruits, veggies, and grains.
A well-balanced diet will give you more energy and keep away those unwanted pounds.

8. Get some sleep.
Too much or too little sleep can hamper your immune system. You will do better on that test if you get some sleep and don’t pull an all-nighter.

7. Belly Laughs.
Belly laughs are needed each day. Laughter is a form of internal jogging. Watch your favorite sitcom, check your e-mail jokes, or laugh with your friends.

6. Feel your soul.
Reconnect with your spiritual side. Take time for meditation or a walk in the park.

5. Watch your alcohol intake.
Not all students drink heavily. In fact, 98.9% of BGSU students do not use alcohol daily according to the 2008 American College Health Association Assessment.

4. Smokers beware of frostbite.
Standing outside in the winter to smoke could cause frostbite!

3. Get some sunshine!
Sunshine in moderation (remember to use sunblock year round) can stimulate certain brain cells, which will help reduce depression.

2. Spend time with friends!
It’s important to have a support system. You will make many new memories with your friends that will last a lifetime!

1. Get moving!
Exercise is the key to boosting your spirit and reducing your stress level. Go to the Student Recreation Center, hit the climbing wall, or join an intramural team.