Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon

Every year at Bowling Green State University there is one event that keeps students on their feet and having a blast for 32 hours. The event is Dance Marathon and this year’s theme, “15 years, countless miracles; The celebration never ends” is the inspiration of the 15th Anniversary of Dance Marathon at BGSU.

The BGSU Dance Marathon raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN), a benefactor of Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. Over the past 15 years, Dance Marathon has raised over $2,100,000 with the help of more than 55 organizations and hundreds of students. The money raised goes to support initiatives such as: medical equipment, research funding, enrichment programs, and programs to increase the quality of life for children in Northwest Ohio.

As the largest student-run philanthropy in Ohio, Dance Marathon has been able to influence many children’s lives while also enriching the lives of student participants. In addition to dancing (which means that a person raises money and stays on their feet for the entire 32 hours), there are numerous ways, including moraling (cheering on and assisting dancers throughout the event), biking (which means that a person raises money and bikes 180 from Cincinnati to Bowling Green) and volunteering through organizations, residence halls or independently.

Dance Marathon is an event you have to experience first hand. Until you are there at the end of 32 hours to witness the miracles of Dance Marathon, it is hard to understand the impact that it has on the families as well as this campus. Please join us on April 10-11 at the Student Recreation Center as Dance Marathon celebrates its 15th anniversary and the awe-inspiring miracle children.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, email Michelle Robinson, Dance Marathon Director at