Leadership Opportunities

As a member of a fraternity/sorority, you will find numerous opportunities that will give you the knowledge, skills, and understanding to become an effective leader. Fraternities and sororities are self-governing bodies, providing members with plentiful leadership possibilities.


  • Serve as chapter officers and on Greek community-wide governing councils/boards
  • Lead and get involved as members of non-Greek campus organizations
  • Improve organizational skills and time management

Leadership opportunities offered throughout the year:

Futures Quest 

The Futures Quest retreat is for up and coming leaders in the various Greek chapters. Each chapter sends two students to participate in this overnight, off-campus experience during the fall semester. Participants work in small groups throughout the weekend to develop leadership skills, bond with fellow Greek students across the different councils, and to generate a vision and action plan for the future of their chapter. Many of those who complete this retreat go on to become chapter presidents, take council leadership positions, and become involved in the Greek community’s various boards and committees.

New Member Orientation

Greek Challenge  is the premiere orientation program for Greek students. Every semester those students just joining the Greek community come together to learn more about the community they have entered. New members are taught about the various councils, have discussions about personal and chapter values, and meet other new Greek students. The program is designed to provide social interaction while acclimating the students to the new culture of being Greek.

January Leadership Retreat

The January Leadership Retreat is an overnight retreat for chapter presidents that aims to equip them with essential leadership skills and knowledge in order to effectively lead their chapters. This experience creates a sense of community among the presidents and allows them to brainstorm ways to not only grow as leaders, but to better the fraternity/sorority community as a whole.

Officer Training Workshops

Individual members of the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life dedicate time to working with officers from different councils and chapters through workshop experiences. These workshops are to help prepare the students in these various positions to be as successful as possible in their new roles. The Fraternity & Sorority Life staff works with the office on a one-on-one basis to develop goals, create an action plan to achieve these goals, and meets throughout the semester to receive feedback and updates about the progression of the action plan and goals. 

Officer Transition Workshops

This is different than the officer training workshops as this program works with the outgoing and incoming chapter leadership simultaneously. The purpose of this workshop is to help the new officer transition into his/her role while using the outgoing leadership to help provide tips and words of advice. A member of the Fraternity & Sorority Life staff will work with the outgoing and incoming chapter presidents before the workshop to determine the outcomes for the workshop. The Greek Affairs staff member will then design the workshop with the chapter presidents input and feedback to make sure the program is focusing on what the chapter wants to accomplish.

Other leadership programs we support:

Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a campus-wide initiative for all students, regardless of leadership position or experience, to learn more about themselves through various programming by graduate and professional staff members. The Office of Residence Life/FSL at BGSU supports this program both monetarily and also through programming by our staff. Other departments/organizations involved in the Leadership Academy are the Office of Campus Activities, Outdoor Programs, and Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. This daylong opportunity is free to students who want to develop their leadership skills, learn more about their personal leadership styles, and/or gain practical abilities to be used in the real world. This event generally takes place on a Saturday early in the spring semester.

The LeaderShape Institute

This 5 day program offers intense, personal evaluation and development of leadership styles. Offered after finals week in the spring, about 50 BGSU student leaders attend, with about half being fraternity/sorority members. Application is required through the Office of Campus Activities. This retreat is aimed at developing the concept of “leading with integrity.” Dynamic, challenging, and exciting, the week is intended to produce a breakthrough in the leadership capacity of participants — benefiting the students themselves, their respective organizations, and the institutions that they will go on to lead and serve in the future. It does cost money to attend this retreat but there are numerous opportunities to receive sponsorship to attend. For more information, visit The LeaderShape Institute website.

Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV)

The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values Conference takes place every spring semester in February. AFLV is an overnight conference experience that happens in St. Louis, Missouri. The conference is open to any chapter members who wish to attend. All council leadership goes to the conference and the different councils and Greek Affairs offer scholarships for others to attend. The trip allows for bonding with fellow Greek students at BGSU and with other Greeks throughout the mid-western region. Along with educational programming, there are numerous social opportunities to explore the town of St. Louis and interact with other Greeks. The conference culminates with an awards reception on the final evening, in which the Greek community at BGSU is always competitive for national and regional awards. This conference is now paired up with the National Black Greek Leadership Conference (NBGLC). For more information, please visit the AFLV website

National Black Greek Leadership Conference (NBGLC)

The National Black Greek Leadership Conference (NBGLC) was created in 1986 as a means to give undergraduate members of Black Greek Lettered Organizations (BGLOs) the opportunity to network and dialogue on issues that face them on predominately white campuses. Robert N. Page Jr. founded the conference on the campus of Central Missouri State University after attending Mid-American Inter-fraternity Council Association/Mid-American Panhellenic Council Association (MIFCA/MAPCA), which is now the MGCA Conference, in 1986. This conference is now annually paired up with MGCA and will be taking place in St. Louis, Missouri over the next few years. For more information, please visit the NBGLC webpage.

Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute (UIFI)

A five day national Greek leadership academy in Indianapolis, held throughout the summer, this is the premiere Greek leadership academy in the country. BGSU selects five outstanding Greek leaders to attend each summer. In addition, many chapters send their chapter presidents to this program. For more information and dates, visit the UIFI website.