How to Join!

IFC Recruitment 2011 - Events & Information
The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is hosting its recruitment period from Saturday, August 20 to Friday, September 2 with various IFC and individual chapter events. Throughout these two weeks we strongly encourage students who are interested in an IFC fraternity to go to different events and explore the many options fraternity life has to offer. During this two week span, no potential new member (PNM) shall sign a bid; this encourages students to truly invest time as to what fraternity to join. 

As a reminder to Potential New Members, be sure to sign a grade release form at IFC or chapter recruitment events to ensure one can join a fraternity by both IFC and chapter standards. Here are the requirements within IFC to join a fraternity: 

A PNM Must be a full time BGSU student and meet one of the following GPA criteria:

  • 2.50 previous semester college GPA
  • 2.50 cumulative college GPA
  • 2.50 cumulative high school GPA
  • 3.00 last term high school GPA

IFC Recruitment Events

Thursday, August 25th - Fraternity Fest, 7pm-9pm
Location: Fraternity Row

Saturday, August 27th - Fraternity Open House, 3pm-6pm
Location: Individual Fraternity Houses

Sunday, August 28 - Day of Service - Noon-5pm
Location: Union Oval

Thursday September 1 - Fraternity Block Party, 7pm-9pm
Location: Fraternity Row

Individual Chapter Recruitment Events
Chapters will hold their own events to encourage potential new members to et to know them on a personal basis. Here are some of the fraternity events - we advice to ask other fraternity to listed for their events!

Alpha Sigma Phi
Alpha Sig Week - September, 7th-14th

7th- First annual Sig Bust in the Union
8th- Poker Tournament in the fraternity house
9th- Pick-Up Flag Football at the intramural fields
10th- Dinner at Myle's
11th- To Better the Man Scholarship Finalists Announced
14th- Scholarship Finalists Dinner and announcement of the recipient of the To Better the Man Scholarship

Pi Kappa Alpha
August 22nd-27th 5pm-8pm
Location: Pi Kappa Alpha House

Sigma Nu
Tuesday, August 23rd - Ultimate Frisbee
Location: University Lawn 5:30pm, with dinner at The Pub afterwards. 

Wednesday, August 24th - Volleyball Tournament
Location: Offenhauer courts 7:30pm

Saturday, August 27th - Potential New Member info session 2:00pm
Location: TBA

Tuesday, August 20 - Chapter Dinner 6:30pm
Location: The Pub

Wednesday, August 31st - Mario Kart Tournament
Location: Olscamp Hall

Saturday, September 3rd - Water Basketball at the Rec

September 17-23 - Sigma Nu Bike-A-Thon

September 24 - Paintball outing

Sigma Phi Epsilion

Wednesday August 24
5:00-10:00 pm
3 vs. 3 Basketball Tournament (Harshman Courts)

Friday August 26
6:00-10:00 pm
Cookout (Conklin Unit G)

Saturday August 28
3:00-6:00 pm
Cookout (Conklin Unit G)

Thursday September 1
5:00-7:00 pm
Cookout (Conklin Unit G)

Tau Kappa Epsilon
September 1 - TKE Slip'n Slide, 5pm-7pm
Location: University Field