Office of Campus Activities

Advisor Resources

All registered student organizations are required to have an advisor who is a full-time staff or faculty member at Bowling Green State University. Graduate students are not permitted to serve in the official capacity as faculty/staff advisor, although organizations are encouraged to have graduate students serve on advisory teams.

Within the context of the broader mission and policies of the University, the advisor shall share insights and directions that allow student organizations to further their objectives and enhance the meaningfulness or organization membership.




Organization Resources



Specific responsibilities of the advisor shall be to:

  • Attend meetings
  • Provide guidance to officers, especially the executive board
  • Oversee all financial transactions
  • Provide consultation concerning membership selection procedures and responsibilities
  • Maintain an awareness of the activities and programs sponsored by the student organization
  • Meet with leaders and officers to discuss upcoming meetings and programs, long range plans, goals, and problem solving
  • Assist with officer transition and new officer training