Office of Campus Activities

Financial Management

Important Forms:
Request for Purchase ♦ SBC Spot Funding RequestCoca Cola Product & Funds Request ♦  

As a treasurer, The Office of Campus Activities is your principal resource for assistance with managing the finances of your student organization. Feel free to contact your financial consultant if you have any questions. 

How do we spend money from our organization's account, reimburse members for expenses already paid, or transfer money to another department or organization?

Most operations with your organization's account can be done by filling out a Request for Purchase . Please allow a minimum of 14 working days for the University to process the transaction.  Following the instructions carefully will help to reduce delays in processing.

Please note that the university is exempt from sales tax.  When making purchases for your organization, please be sure to use the tax-exempt certificate.  Most commonly, you will have to present the form to Customer Service prior to making a purchase.  If you are unsure how to use the tax-exempt certificate, please inquire in the Office of Campus Activities.

If you are paying an outside vendor or company, they will need to be a registered vendor with the University before they can be paid.  To become a registered vendor, the person or company must complete the vendor ID form.  It is best to allow one week for processing after the vendor forms have been submitted.

I am a new treasurer for my organization, what do I need to do?

It is advisable to review the Treasurers Manual for more information about the treasurer role.  You may also review the treasurer training PowerPoint.

How can our organization get money from the Student Budget Committee?

Every year, organizations can apply for funding through the SBC. It is advisable to review the SBC Funding Policy to help prepare your application. Look for more information about the upcoming annual funding cycle in December or January.

For events that were not planned for during annual funding, organizations can also apply for spot funding at one of the monthly hearings which are scheduled for February 22, 2011, March 22, 2011 and April 26, 2011. To apply for spot funding, fill out the SBC Spot Funding Request  and sign up for a hearing time in the Office of Campus Activities.  Applications are due by 5:00pm the Monday prior to the next available hearing. Decision letters will be available the Tuesday following the hearing. For assistance, please attend an SBC help session. Help sessions are offered the Tuesday before a hearing. Please contact the Office of Campus Activities for locations.

There are also promotional funds and products available through Coke. They can be requested through the Coca Cola Products and Funding application. Decisions about these allocations will also be made during the monthly spot funding hearings. 

Spot funding and Coke requests are not reviewed during the summer. The first opportunity to apply for these funding sources will be in September. 

Our organization was awarded money from the SBC, can we use the money for something other than the allocated purpose?

To change your organization's allocated budget, you will need to have a budget modification approved. For changes under $50, submit an  SBC Budget Modification Form which can be approved by your financial consultant. For larger amounts, you will need to submit an SBC Budget Modification Application which will be reviewed at the monthly spot funding hearings.

How do we create a balanced budget for our organization?

Budgeting Organization Funds requires careful planning of both expected spending and fundraising. With an accurate budget, your organization can ensure there will be enough money to fund projects all year long.

What are some tips for fundraising in our organization?

Fundraising for your Organization can take many forms from selling merchandise, collecting dues, or seeking sponsorships. While the traditional fundraisers are a good start, using some creative thinking will set your fundraiser apart from others and make it more successful. 

How can we sell merchandise to raise funds?

OCA can help you sell merchandise for your organization by using a BG1/credit card reader. These units can be checked out from the office and used in the Union and other locations on campus. If you would like to use a reader in a location other than the Union, please check with the office to see if your desired location is available and to ensure that a reader is prepared for your use.