Office of Campus Activities

Organization Travel

When a registered student organization desires to participate in, or sponsors an event that
occurs off the campus, and participation requires vehicle use, the University is committed to
promoting the safety of all participants. Therefore, the BGSU student travel policy applies to
all undergraduate registered organizations as defined by the Student Handbook. This policy is
in effect whenever members of registered student organizations travel as official or designated
representatives of the University, or participate in an organization-sponsored event where the
University is officially represented, outside the city limits of Bowling Green.

If our organization is planning to travel, what is the process for registering the trip?

For every trip, you are required to fill out and submit a Travel Registration Form and medial and liability release forms at least two weeks before you intend to travel. If the trip will involve an overnight stay, please include a complete room list. The room list does not need to include actual room numbers but rather who will be staying together. If there is any information you are not able to privde when submitting the form, a travel advisor will be in contact to get that information when it becomes available. 

Once the trip has been approved you will be contacted to pick up your travel binder. This travel binder included important information as well as copies of the medical and liability release forms. After the trip, you must return the travel binder to OCA within 48 hours. 

What are Liability/Emergency Medial Authorization forms?

The Liability/Emergency Medical Authorization Form is required for every person (student, staff, or non-BGSU affiliated) who will be participating in the trip. These forms only need to be submitted once per person per year and are valid from August to August. 

Do we need to submit a special form if we are driving?

A Driver Verification Form only needs to be submitted if you will be driving a rented vehicle. Please remember that drivers must be at least 21 to drive a rental vehicle. These forms are also valid for an entire year and will be kept on file in the Office of Risk Management. 

What are Trip Coordinators and what role do they play in the travel process?

For every trip, there must be an assigned trip coordinator who will be the contact person for OCA, for the trip participants, and be the responsible party for the trip details. A trip coordinator must complete a one-time brief training with the OCA staff. Trip Coordinators can be either students or advisors. 

What information is covered in Trip Coordinator Training? 

 Trip Coordinator training includes information about the travel registration process and important BGSU travel policies. The Trip Coordinator Handbook includes everything that is covered in training. Note that reviewing the document does not substitute for attending training. 

What is the complete travel policy?

The  BGSU Travel Policy includes information about the requirements and expectations of student organization when on official BGSU trips. The travel policy is located in the student handbook.