Office of Campus Activities

Student Organization Registration

Organization registration/renewal is completed in each group’s OrgSync portal. Please read these instructions carefully prior to beginning your registration/renewal.

Before you begin you will need:

  • Names, emails, phone numbers, and student ID number for each of your officers.
  • A full organization roster in a separate document (e.g. Word or Excel)
  • Name, email, and phone for your advisor(s)
  • Your organization’s mission statement
  • Your organization’s phone number, email, and website, if applicable
  • A current, up to date, electronic copy of your constitution

To renew your registration:

  • Log-in to your OrgSync Portal
    • Go to and log-in with your BGSU username and password
    • Hover over Organizations in the top orange bar and select the organization you wish to renew from your list 
  • Select Settings from the bottom left corner
    • If you do not see Settings, you do not have Administrative Access to your portal. Request Admin Access
  • Update the Organization Profile
    • All options marked with an * are required.

To complete your portal:

  • Determine the join options for the portal
    • Click Setup in the bottom right corner. Select Join Options from the right hand side.
      • Select either Open Sign-Up, Invite Only, or Restricted Membership
      • Click Save Settings.
  • Invite at least all officers to your portal (organizations should strongly considering inviting all members).
    • If members are not already in the portal, go to People >> Invite People. Select appropriate account group, enter an invite message, and enter all officer's BGSU email addresses (, not
      • Members will then receive an email containing a link they will have to follow to join the portal.