Starting an Organization


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So you want to start a new organization...

  Ask yourself:

Is there already a similar organization on campus?

  • If there is an existing group on campus with the same purpose and goals, you may end up competing for the same members & resources. Consider working with pre-existing organizations as an option first.

What plans do I have for programming or events?

  • A student organization should do more than one program a year so be sure to have a plan for how your organization can program year-round. If you are only looking to do just one event, consider partnering with an established student organization.

Am I prepared for the work required for starting a new organization?

  • Starting a new organization is a time commitment that requires motivation and dedication. Be sure you are ready for the responsibility before you begin.

Are there other students interested in the creation of this organization?

  • To start a new organization, you need at least ten members registered with the Office of Campus Activities. If you do not have ten members yet, make sure you have the enthusiasm and time required for recruiting your organization's membership.


   To start a new organization, you will need...

   Ten members, including a president & treasurer

  • The President and treasurer may not be the same person.

   An advisor

  • The advisor must be a full-time faculty or staff member at BGSU and may not be a graduate student or part-time employee.

   An organization constitution

  • The constitution defines the organization's mission, purpose, and governing protocols.

   To create a portal or OrgSync

  • Follow this link for more detailed instructions.


Other Useful Resources

   OrgSync Features

  • Create a website using your OrgSync portal. Instructions are available here.
  • Organizations can also use the OrgSync mesaging capabilities to e-mail, text message, and poll your members. 

   Office and Storage Space

  • The Student Organization Suite, located in 410 Bowen-Thompson Student Union, and the locked storage cupboards, located in 424 Bowen-Thompson Student Union, are allocated each spring. Applications for space will be made available in March.

   Graphic Standards


  • The Office of Campus Activities offers training for presidents, treasurers,  and trip coordinators once a month throughout the year. Look up the dates & RSVP to the sessions via the OCA calendar on OrgSync.
  • The Student Leadership Assistants are a group of students trained to provide various leadership and training opportunities to student organizations. They offer individualized workshops that can be customized to your organization's needs.