Student Health Service

Frequently Asked Questions

  Who can use the Student Health Service (SHS)?
  • All enrolled University students who possess a valid University ID card.
  • Spouses of students.* Below is a list of items the spouse must bring to their first visit.
    • Student's identification
    • Picture identification or passport of the non-student
    • Marriage certificate
  • Faculty/staff for very limited services. Click here for more details.
  • General Public for travel consultations and travel injections only.
  • Alumni for one semester after graduation only.*

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Fees
  • Hours
  • Location & Phone Numbers
  • Sick Slip Policy
  • Transportation

Where is the Student Health Service located?

  • First floor of the Health Center Building across from Jerome Library on Ridge Street.

What medical services are available?

  • General Health Concerns
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Gynecological Services
  • Immunizations
  • Allergy Injections
  • Wellness Issues
  • Travel Medicine
  • Minor Surgical Procedures
  • Consultations for Psychological Issues

What does a student do when the SHS is closed?

  • Visit the Self-Care Guide for information on common medical conditions. Students will be guided through the site by answering questions that will lead to the recommended course of action.
  • The Student should go to the Wood County Hospital (WCH) Ready Care Center or the WCH Emergency Room (419) 354-8900 located at 950 West Wooster Street. If an emergency exists, they should dial 911.

Does the SHS belong to my insurance plan?

  • The SHS accepts all health insurance plans and will bill health insurance companies directly for medical services provided by the SHS.

Will the SHS file my insurance claim for me?

  • Yes. The SHS accepts all health insurance plans and will bill charges for the medical services you receive directly to the health insurance company.

Will my insurance pay for charges at the SHS?

  • Most BGSU students have health insurance that will cover the costs of medical services (including office visits and ancillary services, such as lab tests and prescriptions) provided in the SHS. The SHS accepts all health insurance plans and will bill your health insurance company for the services you receive. Any co-pay, co-insurance or deductible amounts will be applied to your student account only after the SHS has received claim confirmation from your insurance company. If your insurance company will not pay some or all of the cost of medical services you are responsible for the unpaid charges. Please call 419-372-1318 with any billing questions.

Does the SHS Pharmacy belong to my prescription insurance plan?

  • The pharmacy accepts many third party prescription cards. We strongly encourage you to bring your prescription insurance card and your student ID with you each time you visit the Student Health Service.

Can I receive services at the SHS if I don't have health insurance?

  • Yes.  The SHS provides services to all BGSU students regardless of their health insurance status or ability to pay.  The SHS strongly encourages all students to have and maintain health insurance coverage.  Never let the lack of health insurance or an inability to pay for services prevent you from getting needed health care at the SHS.

Do you offer a health insurance plan for students?

  • Yes, Click here for more information on the BGSU Student Health Insurance Plan.

Can I receive services at the SHS if I don't have the BGSU sponsored insurance plan?

Yes. The SHS provides services to all BGSU students regardless of their health insurance status or ability to pay.

If I want to start birth control and I make an appointment at the Student Health Service, will I need an examination or PAP test??

Student Health Service does provide advice, counseling and prescriptions for various methods of contraception/birth control.  National guidelines regarding the age and frequency of exams with a Pap smear have changed.  An exam with a Pap smear is no longer recommended for those <21 years old.  For those >21 years old, an exam and Pap smear is recommended at age 21 and, if normal, then every 3 years until age 30.  Above age 30, a Pap smear should be done every 3 to 5 years.  If you are younger than 21 or have had a normal Pap exam within the past 2-3 years, you likely would not need an exam. 

Depending on your age and situation and how recently you may have had an exam, you may not need an exam, an exam with a Pap might be needed, or you might be given a prescription for a limited time to allow you to schedule a needed exam in the near future.  It would be best to schedule an appointment with a provider to discuss your particular situation, your needs and options for methods of birth control.

There is a charge for Pap smear examinations, so you will want to check with your insurance to determine coverage and out-of-pocket costs associated. To make an appointment with a Student Health Service health care provider, please call 419-372-2271.