Student Health Service

Verification of Medical Illness Policy


Bowling Green State University Student Health Service (SHS) recognizes students are expected to attend every class.  We advise students to contact their professors directly either by phone or email (before missing a class when possible) to make arrangements to accommodate their illness.  The SHS cannot vouch for past illnesses, either for students or to their professors.


Verification of medical illness notes are not given to document visits to the Student Health Service.

If it is anticipated that a student may be absent from classes for an extended period of time (three days or more), the Student Health Service Staff may notify the Office of Student Life (419-372-2843) upon student approval.  The Office of Student Life will then notify faculty of a student’s absence.

In the event of a public health emergency, this policy may be revised to meet the needs of the campus community.  The Center for Disease Control ( will be a resource in instituting a plan.

Copies of this procedure may be given to the student upon request.  In no way does a copy of this procedure exempt the student from class without approval from the professor.

This procedure has been reviewed with input from the Health Service Advisory Committee and Academic Affairs Faculty Senate Committee.

Reviewed & Approved April 2010


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