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What patients are eligible to have prescriptions filled at the Student Health Service?

Any registered student, BGSU employee, or their spouse and children may use the BGSU Pharmacy.

Are all prescription medications available at the SHS pharmacy?

The BGSU Pharmacy carries a large variety of medications.  If the Pharmacy does not have a medication in stock, the pharmacist will order the medication for the next business day.

Here are some important issues for parents and student to understand about their prescription insurance:

1. Always have a current prescription drug card or a legible copy of the front and backside of your prescription drug card with you when visiting the SHS. Many patients present to the pharmacy with their health care card, which is sometimes different than your prescription drug card. We can transmit your prescription billing if we have a current copy of your prescription drug card. Some insurance companies do include both health care and prescription information on the same card but many do not. If you are not sure, please ask your benefits manager or insurance company if you have a separate drug card from your health care card.

2. Many Prescription drug plans will request proof that you are a full-time student. Please contact your insurance company before coming to school to determine their policy on validation of student status.

Do you accept Third Party Drug Cards at your Pharmacy?

We do accept most third party carriers of prescription insurance.  Always have your current prescription drug card or a legible copy of the front and back of the card when you visit BGSU Pharmacy.

How are prescriptions covered under the BGSU Student Health insurance plan?

Prescriptions are payable at 80% for covered conditions if they are filled at the BGSU Pharmacy with a student copay of 20%. If filled elsewhere, reimbursement is at 50% for covered conditions. Claims will be submitted electronically for you by the BGSU Pharmacy.

Can I have a prescription filled that was written by my family doctor from home or by a community physician?

Yes. The BGSU Pharmacy staff can fill any outside prescription as long as it meets all of the legal requirements for a prescription in the State of Ohio. Prescriptions written outside of the United States would not be considered valid in the State of Ohio. Patients who have prescriptions written from another country can be seen by one of the Health Service providers and a prescription for the same or comparable medication will be written.

What is a prescription refill?

When a prescription is written, a provider may choose to authorize refills, which means you can get more medication from the pharmacy without contacting your provider. The number of refills remaining on the prescription is printed at the bottom of the most recently filled prescription label.

In the State of Ohio, refills are limited to one year from the original date of the prescription for non-controlled medications and six months for controlled medications.

What if I need more medication and my prescription has no refills?

You must contact your provider who will then call the BGSU Pharmacy to authorize more refills. If your provider will not authorize refills, he/she may wish to have you make an appointment for additional refills.

My most recently filled prescription label states that I have refills remaining. How do I request a refill of my prescription from the SHS pharmacy?

The Student Health Service Pharmacy provides two methods to request refills via phone and the ReadyFill System.

The ReadyFill System can be accessed by  clicking here. Please have your prescription number and the number of remaining refills.

You may also refill prescriptions by phone by calling the pharmacy at 372-7443 to request your refill. Calling early in the morning between 8:00-10:00 a.m., or two hours prior to pickup will usually ensure that your prescription will be ready for pickup. Our phone system is also equipped with an interactive voice response system that will allow you to access your prescription information. You will be able to type in your prescription number any time of day to verify and complete refill requests.

Can I get refills transferred to BGSU Pharmacy from my home pharmacy?

Yes.  If you provide BGSU Pharmacy with the name and phone number of your home pharmacy, and you have a current prescription with refills remaining at that pharmacy, we will transfer the prescription to BGSU Pharmacy.

Can I get my diabetic supplies from the SHS pharmacy?

Yes, the BGSU pharmacy carries many diabetic supplies that are needed for our patients. If a patient needs special Monitors, test strips or needles we will order them. The pharmacy also provides sharps containers, free of charge, that the patient can return to the SHS for disposal.

Can I purchase over-the-counter medications from the SHS pharmacy?

Yes. Students are encouraged to get their over-the-counter supplies at the BGSU pharmacy. Medications are reasonably priced.

Are my pharmacy records confidential?

Yes. We do not release any information regarding your pharmacy records to any other person or agency without your permission.

If you want information released, you must make the request in person or send in a "Release of Information" form to be kept on file in your patient chart.

Are there certain days or certain times of the day that are not as busy at the SHS Pharmacy?

Generally, prescription workload is lighter in the morning between 8am and 10am.

All day Friday and every afternoon after 2:30 pm seem to be the busiest times. By calling ahead for your prescription refills (372-7443) and having current and appropriate insurance information with you, you can avoid long lines that can sometimes occur in the afternoon.

Can someone else pick up my medication?

Yes. You must send your student ID with that person for the check in and check out process, along with a form of payment.  We require a verbal authorization from the patient for this service.

BGSU Pharmacy Contact Information:

Phone:           419-372-7443

Fax:                 419-372-7999




Hours of Operation (during academic year):

Monday & Tuesday              8:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Wednesday & Thursday     8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Friday                                      9:30 AM – 4:30 PM


Summer & Break Hours to be posted.


Visit the general hours page for the Student Health Service to view academic break hours.