Student Health Service

Travel Health

The Student Health Service is pleased to provide health information and travel immunizations to University Students, faculty/staff, and the general public who may be traveling outside the United States.  Recommended immunizations vary depending on personal health history and travel destinations.

IMPORTANT:  Travelers should schedule their appointment for immunizations as soon as the travel itself is scheduled.  For some destinations, it can take as long as 5 months to complete all necessary vaccinations.  Appointments are required, please call 372-2271 to schedule.  There will be a consultation fee.  When making an appointment, please be ready to provide all information:  destination, departure date and length of travel.  In addition, the following information is required at the time of immunization appointment:  completed "Travel Medicine Patient History (general public or student) AND immunization records.

Travel vaccines offered include:

  • measles/mumps/rubella (MMR)
  • tetanus booster
  • diptheria
  • pertussis
  • typhoid
  • hepatitis A
  • hepatitis B
  • yellow fever
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • meningitis
  • varicella (chicken pox)
  • influenza

We also provide:

  • preventative medications for malaria, typhoid, and traveler's diarrhea
  • information about avoiding disease from food, water, and insects
  • travel safety counseling
  • travel/summer kits available by BGSU Pharmacy

Please visit the web site:  Center for Disease Control (CDC) for more travel information.

For more information, visit the following sites:

These web sites are courtesy of Stuart R. Rose, MD, author of 2001 International Health Guide, 12th Edition.  We would like to express our thanks to Dr. Rose for allowing us to use this list.

    1.    Products for safe travel:  ( )

Safe travel requires not only health information, but often products, such as insect repellents to prevent malaria, a medical kit to treat an injury, or a water filter to prevent cholera or typhoid. Travel Medicine, Inc. carries over 300 products that will make your trip safer and more comfortable.

    2.    Passports made simple:  ( )

The Department of State has established this site to help people apply for passports.  You can download printable passport applications, as well as find a list of where and how to apply.  Can't find your birth certificate?  This site has a list of where to obtain certified birth certificates, and includes an application form for you.

    3.    Should you even go?  ( )

The news stories about sudden civil unrest, surprise bombings, and disease outbreaks.  Includes consular information sheets and travel warnings for every country in the world.

    4.    Health concerns answered by the expert:  ( )

Before you go into the jungle or canoe your way down the Amazon, you should be alert to the health conditions of the area.  The Centers for Disease Control has a web site listing all countries where cholera and yellow fever occur, and information on current disease outbreaks, vaccine recommendations, food and water precautions, and geographical health recommendations.

    5.    Embassy tip sheets:  ( )

Here you can learn about visas, emergency services, consulate office hours, and more.  For instance, the Emergency Services section provides specific information on what you need to do if a theft occurs, if you are arrested, if you become ill, or even if you are in need of money.

    6.    Know your facts:  ( )

The CIA World Fact Book has information on climate, terrain, economy, transportation, population, natural resources, religion, government, holidays, and defense.