Center for Leadership

Student Leadership Assistants 
The Student Leadership Assistant (SLA) are a group of students passionate about leadership and social change. Request a presentation or retreat if your organization or club would like the Student Leadership Assistants to facilitate a workshop, retreat, or session.  They are able to plan individualized sessions for your group or present a standard session. They need about a 3-week notice for planning purposes. Check out the over 40 leadership opportunities here.

Leadership Workshops Series  
The Center for Leadership collaborates with campus partners to present an array of impactful leadership development opportunities. This semester over 40 different leadership workshops are being offered covering different topical areas. New this year are workshops designed specifically for the Presidents of Organizations, Executive  board members of organizations, and emerging leaders.  For a complete list of workshops click here

Falcon Leadership Institute
Looking to develop your leadership skills? The Center for Leaderships' Falcon Leadership Institute is the perfect opportunity to learn more about leadership in fun and interactive ways! Open to incoming first-year students and rising second-year students, the Falcon Leadership Institute develops self-aware leaders who have the skills to build professional networks and create personal connections within their cohort and throughout campus. 



LeaderShape Institute The LeaderShape® Institute is an intensive and energizing six-day program designed to encourage participants to become leaders with integrity. The curriculum is used on college campuses nationwide and participants become alumni of this prestigious program. Applications are currently available for the 2014 BGSU LeaderShape Institute! 

Ray Marvin Leadership Award
The Center for Leadership is pleased to announce the 4th annual Ray Marvin Leadership Awards to recognize the leadership contributions of BGSU students. Award recipients will receive a monetary gift ($2500, $1500, or $1000) based on the assessment of their completed application, supporting materials, and finalist interview. Click here for more information.

In our society we are surrounded with language and behavior that has developed through a history of stereotypes and prejudices. The iSTAND Advocacy Training program was created by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Center for Leadership to help teach participants practical skills for addressing micro aggressions in our society and to stand up and advocate for others. Click here to learn more.

Building a Better Future, One Leader at a Time
Leadership is learned. The Center for Leadership guides, engages, and teaches students to achieve true leadership abilities. We use mentors, teachers, and community leaders to help students develop this lifelong skill. It is a skill our students use today in their classrooms, in student organizations, and in the community. It is a skill that becomes a part of who they are and who they will become.

Through workshops, classes, and special programs, we take students through every facet of leadership. They learn to lead with integrity and get others excited about getting involved. They learn the real meaning of group dynamics and how to create a team that works as one to achieve its goals. Students learn how to engage others and how to settle conflicts. We give them direction on how to network, broaden their reach, and excel in their missions. We teach them that leaders never stop learning.

Making the Connection
No matter what their major is, Bowling Green State University ensures that its students make fundamental and lifelong connections in learning. Whether they plan to teach music, market the latest technology, or focus on international relations, we immerse our students in programs that embrace intellectual skills, general and specialized knowledge, and personal and social responsibility.

The Center for Leadership plays a critical role in helping students achieve these outcomes, especially in learning how to engage others in action. Our programs help students understand that leadership is their ability to influence, show mutual respect, and develop a spirit of compromise and goal setting.

The Center for Leadership encourages all students to explore and enhance their personal leadership skills and earn the BGSU Leadership Certificate.

Vision Statement
The Center for Leadership aspires to graduate leaders who, by knowing themselves and through active engagement at BGSU, serve their community and the world in ethical ways that promote collaboration and social change.

Mission Statement
The Center for Leadership is Leadership in Action.  In alignment with BGSU’s academic mission and learning outcomes, the Center unites campus programs and services to teach students comprehensive leadership development.  As students actively engage in leadership they will practice and demonstrate the skills, knowledge and attitudes required of ethical and life-long leaders. 

The Center for Leadership is guided by the principles of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.  This theory purports that leaders address root causes of social problems with the goal of making social change that impacts individuals and society.  The Center for Leadership uses this philosophy to guide its programs and services by teaching the associated elements of self-awareness, congruent actions, committed behaviors, establishing common purpose, collaboration, addressing conflict in a civil manner, and building active citizenship.

Leadership programming at Bowling Green State University seeks to develop the following competencies in student leaders. 

  • Inclusion: Creating broad and safe environments that engage and support diversity.
  • Purpose: Understanding personal and organizational values and establishing a sense of purpose that contributes to the development of others.
  •  Integrity: Acting in an ethical and legal manner that is harmonious with personal and organizational values.
  • Group Development: The ability to manage and lead individuals in the establishment and execution of group goals.
  • Global Citizenship: Versatility in leadership and communication style that is respectful of cultural context and implications.