Student Leader Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is everything paid for, including meals?
Yes. As a participant in the SLR, housing, meals, snacks, and transportation costs are all paid for by BGSU.  You are responsible for any purchases you make at the gift shop, craft stores, additional snacks from Sawmill. You are not expected to make any purchases once you leave BGSU for the SLR.

Do I need to bring any money for the SLR?
No.  All meals, transportation, and housing are paid for by BGSU. You may want to bring some spending money if you think you might like to purchase items from their gift shop.

What type of food will be having at the retreat?
All food will be catered by Sawmill Creek.  We will provide some snacks for free time.  We will ensure that all dietary restrictions noted on your registration form are taken into consideration when choosing meals.

May I consume alcohol at any time during the Student Leader Retreat?
No. Regardless of age, no participant of the Student Leader Retreat may transport purchase, or consume any alcohol at any point during the Student Leader Retreat. If you are found to have consumed alcohol during the Student Leader Retreat, you will be asked to leave immediately and you will be responsible for reimbursing BGSU for cost of attendance.

What is the housing like for the weekend?
You will be staying on Friday and Saturday night in a standard hotel room. You will be assigned a roommate.

What will be provided in the hotel room?
In addition to typical amenities found in hotel rooms, all rooms will also provide the following: Coffee/Tea Makers, clock radio, iron and board, hair dryer, work space, and high speed internet via cable available.

Is wireless internet available?
No. Wireless internet is not available.

Will we have an opportunity to go swimming at the pool?
Yes. Sawmill Creek features an indoor and outdoor pool.  There will be scheduled breaks to allow participants to swim.

How will I get to Sawmill Creek?
BGSU will transport all participants to Sawmill Creek from Bowling Green.  Because of the liability involved and because of the nature of the retreat, we do not allow students to drive themselves to the retreat.

Are we permitted to leave the Sawmill Creek property at any time throughout the retreat?
No. Students must remain on the Sawmill Creek property throughout the entire retreat.

What should I expect to learn?
Students on the retreat will learn the Social Change Model as well as leadership through citizenship. In other words, you will learn to create positive change in your immediate communities as well as the broader society at large.

Who is attending?
Student leaders from selected BGSU student organizations that have shown potential for further leadership on campus will be attending.

What are the specific times for the retreat; when will we be leaving/getting back?
Registration begins at 8:30am on Friday, August 16th at BGSU. We will arrive back at BGSU at approximately 4pm Sunday, August 18th.

Will I be able to park my car somewhere over the weekend?
Yes. You will be able to park in Lot 4 and Lot 4A over the weekend.  If you don't have a valid pass, you can purchase one from parking services.  They open at 7am on Friday.  Current parking passes (academic year 2012 -2013) are still valid until August 23 and can be used during SLR.  Only commuter permits are valid in Lots 4 and 4A.

What are the rules while we are there?
All students will be held to the rules expressed in the BGSU Student Code of Conduct.

What do we need to bring for each session at the retreat?
Please bring your Student Leader Retreat binders to every educational session, but not necessarily the outdoor and teambuilding activities. When a more exact itinerary is distributed, it will be clearer when the binders are needed.

What types of clothes should I bring?
Bring your business casual attire for the etiquette dinner, swimwear if you are interested in taking advantage of the pool, clothes for free time outside, and comfortable, nice clothing for the educational sessions.

What specifically is okay to wear to the etiquette dinner?
Dress in business casual for the etiquette dinner.  Business casual is a shirt with a collar and/or a sweater, khakis or dress pants and nice shoes for women.  Women can also sometimes wear a moderate length dress or skirt that is knee-length or longer.  For men, business casual is a polo shirt or shirt with a collar and/or sweater, khakis or dress pants and dress shoes.  No tie is required. Jeans are not preferable.

What supplies should I bring?
Writing utensils and supplies for each session will be provided, so only pack what you need for yourself.  You should bring your organizations calendar for major events throughout the year.

I have heard that our retreat location is on Lake Erie. Will we be going out onto the lake?