Available Leadership Workshop Topics

Request a presentation or retreat if your organization or club would like the Student Leadership Assistants to facilitate a workshop, retreat, or session.  They are able to plan individualized sessions for your group or present a standard session. They need about a 3-week notice for planning purposes. Listed below are over 40 leadership opportunities: 

Possible Topics

• Conflict Management- Individual
• Managing Group Conflict
• Creating Safe and Inclusive Environments
• Diversity--Why is it critical to your organization?
• Diversity: A focus on Ethnic and Cultural Diversity
• Mentoring
• Non-Positional Leadership--Leading from the Middle
• Building Community in your Organizations
• Building Trust in Groups
• Communicating your Vision
• Creating a Shared Vision in your Group
• Transitioning Leadership
• Best Practices of Leadership--The Leadership Challenge
• Keeping Members Motivated
• Increasing Active Membership in your Organization
• Working together: Increase involvement and develop stronger connections
• Communication and Teambuilding: What a team means and how communication plays a part
• Generating Innovative Ideas
• Individual Accountability
• Holding your Group Accountable
• Ethics
• Eating as a Student Leader
• Practicing Personal Wellness
• Authentic Leadership
• Engaging in Productive Self-Reflection
• Persuasion
• Maintaining Time-On-Task
• Balancing Your Commitments
• Goal-Setting
• Fighting Negativity (Individual and Group)
• Dealing with Difficult Members
• Leadership Effectiveness: How to navigate tricky co-workers
• Stages of Group Development--A Theory
• Parliamentary Procedure
• Creating a Meeting Agenda
• Assessing Your Organization
• Productivity for Meetings
• Operating an Effective Organization Budget
• Budgeting: Individual and Organization Wants and Needs
• Event Planning 101: Marketing Your Organization
• Social Media and Your Student Organization
• Leading Change
• Emotional Intelligence
• Delegation--Utilizing Others' Strengths
• Choosing Your Battles--Negotiation
• Building Consensus
• The Leaders Tool-kit: Integrity, Empathy, Genuineness & Humility
• Effective Listening Strategies
• Basic Professionalism
• Diversity & Dialogue
• Star Power

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